Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Lists: Mixed Bag, Trump is Wrong, Trump is Right




Donald Trump achievements - Due to the number of achievements, the list of President Trump's achievements have been moved to sub-articles. Please visit the sub-articles to see the Trump Administration's various achievements.

100% Proof! Russian Collusion was a Hoax Designed to Impeach Trump and Divert Attention from Internal Email Leak & Clinton Criminal Activities

Trump Economy Archive

Trump List: 289 Accomplishments in 20 MonthsThe Trump administration’s often overlooked list of achievements has surpassed those of former President Reagan at this time and more than doubled since the last tally of accomplishments after his first year in office, giving President Trump a solid platform to run for reelection onWashington Examiner

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6 Months Report - WHAT HAS PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP DONE SINCE HE HAS BEEN IN OFFICE? by Ray Schneider, PhD Associate Professor Emeritus Bridgewater College

The Triumph of Trump: Superhuman Accomplishments in 2018!!!

Trump's Epic Victories: The First Six Months - Victory After Victory In Trump's First 6 Months - Trump's Victories Eclipse New World Order - Powerful: Six Months Of Making America Great Again - Trump Delivering The Hope Obama Promised - In just 6 months President Trump made the USA $ 4 TRILLION richer. MAGA

Judge Jeanine Pirro gives an excellent, balanced summation of President Trump’s first 100 Days.

Crowd Chants “CNN Sucks” at Trump First 100 Days Rally in Pennsylvania - President Trump Full 100 Days Speech in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania 4/29/17

Pelosi And Company Lie About Trump's First 100 Days - 45 Committee '100 Days'

First 100 Days

Gingrich would give Trump 'high marks' for the opening round - Why the Left is Wrong About Trump’s First 100 Days?


ISIS group uses Trump's Brussels comments in propaganda video.
GOP frontrunner Donald Trump bragged about being “right” much of the time in a series of tweets today, while his words regarding the state of Brussels have been used by ISIS supporters in a new video.
“It is amazing how often I am right,” Trump tweeted, referring to previous tweets regarding NATO, Brussels, his GOP rivals, and Hillary Clinton.