Saturday, December 8, 2018

Trump vs Tillerson - Faux Liberal Outrage vs Conservative Logic - Trump is Right about Tillerson Being a Horrible Secretary of State

President Trump fires back at Rex Tillerson after the former secretary of state claimed the president doesn't like to read, is undisciplined; chief White House correspondent John Roberts reports.

Faux Liberal Outrage:

Conservative Logic:

Pat Buchanan Reacts to Tillerson's Comments on Trump

Beth Virginia Phillips
Tillerson was never a Trump man, but no doubt in bed with the globalist bunch. Not surprised at his remarks. What these destructive people don't realize is that the more they dump on our president the more we love him. So...take that!

Mike Pompeo makes Tillerson looks like a no nothing incompetent fool.

inga robinson
Tillerson what a stupid Fool , he has no character just another incompetent former CEO , i have known a few during my carrier in the Hotel -Casino business !
Trump's Accomplishments: