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F**k Colin Kaepernick

Ann Coulter on The WCRN Morning News (8/30/2016)

Ann Coulter on The WCRN Morning News (8/30/2016) by debunkerbuster

Hannity Today Was the ‘Best Day’ of Trump’s Campaign

Hannity 8/31/16 - Reaction to Trump's Major Speech on Immigration; Trump Details Ten-Point Plan

Hannity 8/31/2016 : " Trump Details Ten-point Plan On Tmmigration Policy "

'A Pivotal Moment': Hannity & Ingraham Break Down Trump's Immigration Speech

Still Report #1158 – Trump & Mex Prez Nieto Pledge to Work Together to Solve Border Problems

Still Report #1157 – Assange on Megyn Kelly’s Show Last Night

Marco Co-Founder Latinos For Trump says the wall is 'more than physical' #LatinosForTrump

Latinos For Trump Co-Founder Jorge NAILED Hillary supporter LIVE on CNN #LatinosForTrump

RSBN Showing the AMAZING HUGE Crowd at Donald Trump Rally in Phoenix, AZ

FULL EVENT: Donald Trump AMAZING Full Immigration Speech in Phoenix, AZ 8/31/16

RSBN LIVE from Phoenix, AZ: Pregame Coverage of Donald Trump Rally

Full: Donald Trump and Mexican President Nieto Hold Press Conference 8/31/16

Hillary Blatantly Lies To The Vets

Hillary And Bill Clinton Are True Partners In Crime

DHS/UN Annouce They Are Openly Stealing The Election

Anti-Trump Bias In Media Exposed

Laura Ingraham Show (8/30/16) Sowell: 'Welcomes Trump For Reaching Out To African Americans'

Laura Ingraham Show (8/29/16) Larry Kudlow - Trump Economic Advisor & CNBC Senior Contributor

Independent Polls – Trump 70% Plus. Michael Rivero

What Is The Alt-Right? | Vox Day and Stefan Molyneux

Al Qaeda In Syria Changed Its Name And Now The US Is Arming Them

Though many scoffed when the Al Qaeda affiliate in Syria, Jabhat Al-Nusra, rebranded itself Jabhat Fateh Al-Shamthat cosmetic change was apparently enough to convince the US government to start sending them arms. 

In the recent push by rebels in the city of Aleppo, Al-Nusra/Al-Sham took a leading role and was reportedly among the rebels groups who received US weapons. Those weapons will first be used to kill Syrian government troops and after that, well, who knows?

Many, if not most, of the rebel groups fighting the Syrian government are jihadist and few have any serious objection to Al-Nusra participating in their operations, especially given that Al-Nusra has proven to be one of the most effective groups on the battlefield. If Al-Sham and fellow Sunni jihadists prevail over Syrian government forces, a genocide will likely commence against religious minorities in Syria, starting with the Alawites and moving on to other Shiites.

From the Atlantic Council:

“Fateh al-Sham’s support extends beyond the immediate political and military opposition. Roshd Virtual University in Istanbul, Turkey offered 100 scholarships to the children of the fighters who participated in Aleppo’s battle. The opposition’s desperation to change the balance of power in Syria has made them embrace Fateh al-Sham and turn a blind eye to the fact that it was until recently the Nusra Front, an internationally designated terrorist group with ties to al-Qaeda.

“According the Syria analyst Charles Lister, there is a significant subsection of the Syrian opposition that does not oppose Fateh al-Sham’s participation in Aleppo related military operations. Moreover, Lister said that opposition forces fighting in Aleppo received for the first time American weapons that are normally designated for forces fighting the Islamic State (ISIS). The opposition’s takeaway is that the United States does not object to preserving the balance on the ground with the Syrian regime, even if doing so indirectlybolsters Fateh al-Sham.”

This sort of thing has been going on throughout the conflict - Western support for jihadists who are fighting against the secular Government. This support has been coming through/via Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Jordan and Turkey.

Related Info:

Israeli think tank: Don’t destroy ISIS; it’s a “useful tool” against Iran, Hezbollah, Syria 

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Gavin McInnes Dishes On Democrats, Safe Spaces Twitter, Brexit & Gun Control

War Monger Political Elites Support Hillary Clinton

REVEALED: Foreign FED Member Behind Refugee Push

Donald Trump Campaign Advert - GOP Hispanics

Libya: Ten Things About Gaddafi They Don’t Want You to Know

This article was first published by Global Research in November 2014. Today Libya as a Nation State has been destroyed by US-NATO.

What do you think of when you hear the name Colonel Gaddafi? Tyrant? Dictator? Terrorist? Well, a national citizen of Libya may disagree but we want you to decide.

For 41 years until his demise in October 2011, Muammar Gaddafi did some truly amazing things for his country and repeatedly tried to unite and empower the whole of Africa.

So despite what you’ve heard on the radio, seen in the media or on the TV, Gaddafi did some powerful things that are not characteristic of a “vicious dictator” as portrayed by the western media.

Here are ten things Gaddafi did for Libya that you may not know about…

1. In Libya a home is considered a natural human right

In Gaddafi’s Green Book it states: ”The house is a basic need of both the individual and the family, therefore it should not be owned by others”. Gaddafi’s Green Book is the formal leader’s political philosophy, it was first published in 1975 and was intended reading for all Libyans even being included in the national curriculum.

2. Education and medical treatment were all free

Under Gaddafi, Libya could boast one of the best healthcare services in the Middle East and Africa.  Also if a Libyan citizen could not access the desired educational course or correct medical treatment in Libya they were funded to go abroad.

3. Gaddafi carried out the world’s largest irrigation project

The largest irrigation system in the world also known as the great manmade river was designed to make water readily available to all Libyan’s across the entire country. It was funded by the Gaddafi government and it said that Gaddafi himself called it ”the eighth wonder of the world”.

4. It was free to start a farming business

If any Libyan wanted to start a farm they were given a house, farm land and live stock and seeds all free of charge.

5. A bursary was given to mothers with newborn babies

When a Libyan woman gave birth she was given 5000 (US dollars) for herself and the child.

6. Electricity was free

Electricity was free in Libya meaning absolutely no electric bills!

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Black woman: Reasons to vote for Trump

On The Bizarre Media Blackout Of Hacked George Soros Documents

Scandal: Leaked documents released a few days ago provide juicy insider details of how a fabulously rich businessman has been using his money to influence elections in Europe, underwrite an extremist group, target U.S. citizens who disagreed with him, dictate foreign policy, and try to sway a Supreme Court ruling, among other things. Pretty compelling stuff, right?

Not if it involves leftist billionaire George Soros. In this case, the mainstream press couldn't care less.

On Saturday, a group called DC Leaks posted more than 2,500 documents going back to 2008 that it pilfered from Soros' Open Society Foundations' servers. Since then, the mainstream media have shown zero interest in this gold mine of information.

We couldn't find a single story on the New York Times, CNN, Washington Post, CBS News or other major news sites that even noted the existence of these leaked documents, let alone reported on what's in them.

Indeed, the only news organization that appears to be diligently sifting through all the documents is the conservative Daily Caller, which as a result has filed a series of eye-opening reports.

So what could possibly explain the mainstream media's disinterest?
Is the problem that the material is too boring or inconsequential? Hardly.

As we noted in this space on Monday, the leaked documents show how Soros' far-flung international organizations attempted to manipulate Europe's 2014 elections. The "List of European Elections 2014 Projects" details over 90 Soros efforts he had under way that year.

The documents reveal that Soros has poured nearly $4 million into anti-Israel groups, with a goal of "challenging Israel's racist and anti-democratic policies."

Here at home, they show that Soros proposed paying the Center for American Politics $200,000 to conduct a smear campaign against conservative activists.

More recently, an October 2015 document came to light showing that Soros' Open Society U.S. Programs had donated $650,000 to "invest in technical assistance and support for the groups at the core of the burgeoning #BlackLivesMatter movement." Since then, several BLM protests have turned violent.

That same document details how this group successfully used its "extensive networks" to pressure the Obama administration into increasing the number of refugees it would take to 100,000, despite concerns that Islamic terrorists could use the refugee program to infiltrate the U.S.

A separate memo details how Soros tried to use his clout to sway Supreme Court justices into approving President Obama's unilateral effort to rewrite immigration law. "Grantees are seeking to influence the Justices (primarily via a sophisticated amicus briefs and media strategy) in hopes of securing a favorable ruling in U.S. v Texas," the memo, dug up by the Daily Caller, states.

Anyone with this much power and influence demands close media scrutiny. Particularly when he has extremely close ties to the would-be next president of the United States.

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EPIC FEMINIST FAIL - Social Justice Warrior Triggered By Man’s “Offensive” Hawaiian Hula Girl Doll

"SJW freaking out over a Hula Girl". 29/08/2016 (Ben Shapiro)

SJW Annaliese Nielsen Triggered by Lyft Driver's Hula Girl Bobblehead

Riff Vues Culture: SJW loses her mind over hula girl on Lyft driver's dashboard

Most ANNOYING Person EVER! - ( microagressions )

Anchor Babies cuss out Donald Trump



Deport already Incarcerated Illegal Aliens First


Covers Trump's immigration policy and a reaction to Hilary's speech (racism accusations) - and says that she should be in jail.

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Trump on Colin Kaepernick 'He should find a country that works better for him'

In Trump We Trust: E Pluribus Awesome! by Ann Coulter

In Trump We Trust: E Pluribus Awesome! by Ann... by debunkerbuster

Full Event: Donald Trump Rally in Everett, WA 8/30/16 (RSBN CAMERAS)

Donald Trump: Black Lives Matter to Me; Democrats are the Party of Slavery

RSBN LIVE from Everett, WA: Pregame Coverage of Donald Trump Rally

The LONG, LONG, LONG CROWD LINE to see Donald Trump in EVERETT, WA (RSBN 8/30/16)

Hannity 8/30/16 - Donald Trump meeting Mexico's President tomorrow, Trump Everett WA Rally

SR 1156 Trump To Visit Mexican President Tomorrow

Still Report #1155 - Trump Leads Clinton by Biggest Margin in a Month

Still Report #1154 – US EU Trade Deal FAILS

LIMBAUGH: 9-Year-Old's Lucky Day Makes Him The "BEST CALLER EVER!"



Full Show - SJW Attacks Everywhere/Nigel Farage’s Rally Cry Against Tyranny - 08/30/2016

Inquisition 2 0 The Internet Has Been Taken Hostage By The NWO

Victim Of Hillary Zombie Mob Speaks

Facebook Robots F Up, Claim Megan Kelly Is Fired

Wolf Blitzer Investigates Picklegate, Discovers Alex Jones Is Right

Top Expert: World Government Entering Death Spiral

Nigel Farage Rallies Planet Against Tyrannical World Government

Epic: The SJW Queen Of Arrogance Discovered

The Dumbest People In The World Discovered

Definitive: Soros Emails Show UN Plan To Take Over Police

FBI Says Election Hack 'Serious Threat'

How You Can Join The Fight Against Hillary Clinton

Confirmed: Huma Abedin’s Mom Leading Genital Mutilation Supporter



NFL rejected Cowboys police tribute. Will they reprimand Kaepernick?

Kaepernick's anthem stunt won’t sit well with fans

Funeral for a jihadist: Sending a message to would-be soldiers of Allah

The Biggest Clinton Scandal Unfolds, and It's Nuclear!

Rabid Hillary Campaign Supporters Attack

"Hillary's Health" Crisis Prompts Orwellian Censorship

Obama to “Ratify” Climate Treaty By Himself


Monday, August 29, 2016

How the Left Is Silencing Free Speech | Kimberley Strassel and Stefan Molyneux

We are all members of the Alt Right now -- Hillary and the hoax of white racism

Alex Jones Show: Commercial Free - Sunday (8-28-16) Hour 1

Alex Jones Show: Commercial Free - Sunday (8-28... by debunkerbuster

Alex Jones Show: Commercial Free - Sunday (8-28-16) Hour 2

Alex Jones Show: Commercial Free - Sunday (8-28... by debunkerbuster

Lynne Patton

What to do when the clowns from Black Lives Matter attack your family in Minneapolis

Get the pepper spray pictured in this video at this link:


Who is Criticizing Black Lives Matter?

Hillary Clinton Will Never Be Indicted So Americans Must Make Sure She Is Never Elected

Crackhead Actor Don Cheadle Says Trump Is Why Chicago Is Bad! WTF?

Tell LP Candidate: “Get Your Laws Off My Body”

On the Record w/ Greta 8/26/16 - Donald Trump interview with Kimberly Guilfoyle on Immigration

Hannity 8/25/16 - Sean Hannity on Democrats Racism & Race card against Donald Trump, Ann Coulter

Hannity 8/26/16 - Donald Trump new ad attacks Hillary Clinton's Racism & 'Super-Predators' remarks

[News] Let's talk about Colin Kaepernick and the National Anthem diss

Internet Censorship Intensifies As UN Prepares To Take Control

Censored Reporter: It's dangerous to question Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton: Blood Thirsty War Criminal In A Dress

Trump is Correct The NSA Has Hillary's Emails

Stupid Americans Don't Know Vice President's Name After Eight Years In Office!

Breaking: U.N. / George Soros To Take Over The Internet

Ann Coulter on Breitbart News Daily

In Trump We Trust: E Pluribus Awesome! by Ann... by debunkerbuster

Trump speech on black riots and police in Milwaukee -- the good, the bad, the ugly


RUSH: Germany Tells It's Citizens "YOUR ON YOUR OWN"

RUSH: 'Black Lives Matter' Doesn't Focus On 'BLACK LIVES KILLING'

Degenerate Socialists Curse Reporter

RUSH: What Kaepernick Did Is The Result Of "Other Things That Came Before Him"


Huma's Weinergate - What They're Hiding

Colin Kaepernick’s White Privilege Exposed

Kaepernick: Blame Obama not America

TRUMP: We Will Let Your Pastors, Ministers, Rabbis, Priests, 'SPEAK AGAIN!'

DCLeaks Website Attacked For Releasing Soros Docs

Trump: NSA Has Hillary's Deleted Emails!

Trump: NSA Has Hillary's Deleted Emails!

Nigel Farage Epic Speech At Mississippi Trump Rally

Google Caught Censoring Hillary's Health Results: 8/28/16 Full Show

Sunday, August 28, 2016

[News] WTF - Girl kills herself over fears of being labled a "racist" because of joke photo


Alex Jones Warns America: We Must Stop Crooked Hillary!

A Compilation of Clips Proving Donald Trump is a Very Kind Man

A Compilation of Clips Proving Donald Trump is... by debunkerbuster

Full Speech: Donald Trump at rally in Austin, Texas

Full Speech: Donald Trump at rally in Austin... by debunkerbuster

Ann Coulter on The Sean Hannity Radio Show (8/22/2016)

Ann Coulter on The Sean Hannity Radio Show (8... by debunkerbuster

Full Video: Trump calls Clinton a bigot, is joined by Nigel Farage at Mississippi rally

Full Video: Trump calls Clinton a bigot, is... by debunkerbuster

Trump vs. Hillary: A Summation — Paul Craig Roberts

The US presidential election this November will tell whether a majority of the US population is irredeemably stupid. If voters elect Hillary, we will know that Americans are stupid beyond redemption. 

We don’t know much about Trump, and anti-Trump propaganda rules in the place of facts. 

But we know many facts about Hillary. We know about her violation of classification laws and the refusal of the Democratic administration to do anything about it. The Democrats prefer to control the White House than to enforce the law, another nail in the coffin in which the rule of law in the US lies. 

We know from their words and deeds and material success that the Clintons are agents for Wall Street, the Big Banks, the military/security complex, Israel, agribusiness, and the extractive industries. Their large personal fortune, approximately $120 million, and the $1,600 million in their foundation, much of which came from abroad in exchange for political favors, attests to the unchallengable fact that the Clintons are agents for the oligarchy that rules America, indeed, that rules the American Empire from Australia and Japan, through North America and Western and Eastern Europe to the Russian border. 

We know that Hillary, like Bill, is a liar. 

We know that Hillary is a warmonger. 

We know that Hillary made the most irresponsible statement ever uttered by a presidential candidate when she declared the President of Russia to be the “new Hitler,” thereby raising tensions between the nuclear powers to a higher level than existed during the Cold War. 

We know that Hillary is allied with the neoconservatives and that her belief in the neocons’ ideology of US world hegemony is likely to result in war with Russia and China. 

All we know about Trump is that the oligarchs, who sent America’s jobs overseas, who flooded the country with difficult-to-assimilate immigrants, who destroyed public education, who bailed out Wall Street and the “banks too big to fail,” who sacrificed American homeowners and retirees living on a fixed income, who intend to privatize both Social Security and Medicare, who have given the public killer cops, relentless violations of privacy, the largest prison poplulation in the world, and destroyed the US Constitution in order to increase executive power over the American people, are violently opposed to Trump. This opposition should tell us that Trump is the person we want in the Oval Office. 

Some claim that it is all a charade and that Trump is playing a role in order to elect Hillary. American politics are so corrupt that anything is possible. However the ruling elites and their puppets seem to be genuinely concerned about Trump’s challenge to their control, and they have united against Trump. They have used their money to buy up “progressive” websites paid to bring the print and TV anti-Trump propaganda onto the Internet, thus joining the Internet presstitutes with the print, TV, and NPR whores who are working overtime to demonize Trump and to elect Hillary. 

The entire power structure of our country is behind Hillary. Both Democratic and Republican political establishments and both ideologies, neoliberals and neoconservatives, are united behind Hillary. 

How much more evidence do Americans need in order to know that a vote for Hillary is a vote for their own emasculation? 

Apparently, Americans remain captives of their insouciance. According to news reports, a majority of voters still haven’t a clue about the consequences of voting for Hillary. Polls report that Hillary is well in the lead. Are these real polls or just another presstitute lie to discourage Trump supporters? Why vote when they have already lost? 

The propaganda assault against Trump, vicious as it was, did not succeed during the Republican primary. Despite the media condemnation of Trump, he swept the other Republican candidates aside effortlessly. 

The current media demonization of Trump might fail as well. Indeed, it is so transparent that it could elect him. 

All that is required is for enough Americans to awake from their insouciance to recognize that it is the enemies of their own lives, their own living standards, and their own liberty who are violently opposed to Trump. 

If Americans cannot reach this realization, they have no future, and neither does the planet Earth. 

The ruling oligarchy hates Trump because he disavows war with Russia, questions the purpose of NATO, opposes the offshoring of Americans’ jobs, and opposes the uncontrolled immigration that is transforming the United States into a multi-cultural entity devoid of unity. The oligarchs are replacing the United States with a Tower of Babel. Oligarchic power grows exponentially among the disunity of diversity. 

In other words, Trump is for America and for Americans. 

This is why the oligarchs and their whores hate Trump. 

The imbecillic Americans who vote for Hillary are voting for war and their own immiseration. 

Possibly, a vote for Trump is the same. However, in the case of Trump we do not know that. In the case of Hillary we most certainly do know it. 

Of course, it could matter not how Americans vote. Those who program the electronic voting machines will determine the vote, and as the establishments of both political parties totally oppose Trump, the programmed machines can elect Hillary. We know this from our electoral history. The US has already experienced elections in which exit polls show a winning candidate different from the candidate selected by the electronic machines that have no paper trail and no way of affirming the vote. 

If Hillary gets into the Oval Office, nuclear war is likely before her first term is over. A vote for Hillary is a vote for nuclear war. 

If you look at the forthcoming election realistically, you have no alternative but to conclude that the entirety of the presstitute media and American Establishment prefers the risk of nuclear war to the risk of losing control of the government to the voters. 

That Americans permitted the rise of unaccountable power tells us all we need to know about the dereliction of duty of which United States citizens are guilty. The American people failed democracy, which requires accountable government. The American government has proven that it is not accountable to the US Constitution, to US statutory law, to international law, or to voters. 

If the result of Americans’ dereliction of duty is nuclear war, the American people will be responsible for the death of planet Earth. One would hope that with responsibility this great on their shoulders, the American people will reject the unequivocal war candidate and take their chances on holding Trump accountable to his words

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Mike Cernovich and Stefan Molyneux | Gorilla Mindset /

Hillary Clinton | Lies, Scandals and The Thirst for Power!

Alex Jones Show : Commercial Free - Sunday (8-28-16) Full Show

Alex Jones asks Hillary Clinton not to Kill Him

Donald Trump Jr. Calls Pastor Mark Burns on 'The Colors That Unite' on RSBN 8/28/16

Latinos and Hispanics for Trump! Operation Taco Bowl LIVE STREAM #OperationTacoBowl

The Colors That Unite w/ Pastor Mark Burns- Why Can't African Americans Just Be Americans? 8/28/16

Table Talk Episode 41: Donald Trump asked a question & Obama response to the Flood

Latina For Trump Supporter Mikayla: Explains Why You Should Not Vote For Hillary #LatinosForTrump

Latinos For Trump Rally, Orange County, CA August 28 JOIN! #LatinosForTrump #OperationTacoBowl

Still Report #1149 –Taco Bowl Today @2 pm, Anaheim, CA

Nude Trump statues reveal naked hypocrisy of the left












Hillary Clinton, Please Stop Killing People

I'm with HER!! Why I'm Supporting Hillary Clinton

Micah has suddenly abandoned the Trump train and proudly claims that he is with HER!! This is because Donald J Trump is a big fat meanie. Trump is known for saying rude things that hurt people's feelings. It is time to stand with a politician that has decades of real experience and understands corruption in government better than anyone else.

Unofficial Trump Ad That Will Win The Election

In Trump We Trust: E Pluribus Awesome! by Ann Coulter

In Trump We Trust: E Pluribus Awesome! by Ann... by debunkerbuster

Gavin McInnes VS Everyone

Gavin McInnes VS Everyone by debunkerbuster

Mark Levin defends Donald Trump against Hillary Clinton's accusations of racism (August 25 2016)

Donald Trump - Hillary Clinton Supports Catch And Release Policies

Crowd View Of Donald Trump & Senator Joni Ernst.At Iowa Rally

Donald Trump Campaign Advert - The REAL Predators

Donald Trump Campaign Advert - Crooked Hillary #Flashback Friday

Donald Trump Campaign Advert - Two Americas

UKIP Nigel Farage MEP On Fox Business After Speaking At Donald Trump Rally

UKIP Nigel Farage Speaks At Donald Trump Rally in Jackson, Ms

Donald Trump Introduces UKIP Nigel Farage MEP

Gavin McInnes VS Everyone

Gavin McInnes VS Everyone by debunkerbuster

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Hillary Clinton Attacks Donald Trump and the Alt-Right!

The Sean Hannity Show 8/26/2016. Hillary's health

Roger Stone Interview 8/26/2016. Clintons Have Long Record of ‘Very Deep Dog Whistle Politics’.

The Sean Hannity Show 8/25/2016: Nigel Farrage, Hillary Clinton kkk? and more.

TRUMP: 'Establishment Media' Assault On Me "GREATEST IN POLITICAL HISTORY"

C-SPAN Caller Picks Rush Limbaugh: Hillary Reminds Every Man Of Their Former Wife

RUSH: Everything Hillary's Accused Trump Of Doing, SHE DID!

RUSH: Hillary Clinton A "Four Year De Facto Felon"

RUSH: Hillary Calling Trump A Racist Was An Appeal To Never-Trumpers To Abandon Trump

PICKLE-GATE: Rush Limbaugh Show Staff Think Hillary's Pickle Jar Was Pre-Opened


UN To Oversee U.S. Elections On Behalf Of Hillary Clinton

Trump's Doctor a Fake and Paid Off to Claim He is Healthy? Shocking New Report

FBI Reports Regarding Hillary Clinton & Vince Foster Have Gone Missing

FBI Reports Regarding Hillary Clinton & Vince... by debunkerbuster

Still Report #1148 – Trump’s Big Turnaround in the Polls

Still Report #1147 – Spy Earpiece Gets Even Smaller

Family of Sarah Root Speaks with Donald Trump in Des Moines 8/27/16

Full Event: Donald Trump Speaks at 'Roast and Ride' Event in Des Moines, IA 8/27/16

The Wayne Dupree Show on RSBN: Friday, August 26, 2016

Why Muslim hijabs are nothing like Catholic nuns' habits

Gavin McInnes: "Hillary's acting like she has Parkinson's"

Muslim veil OK in tourist spot — but not vintage clothing

Assange Tells Megyn Kelly He Wants Wikileaks Source Killer Found

Do They Kill Their Own? Democrat Staffer Death Examined

Battle for Second Amendment Intensifies

Hillary Delays Coughing Fit Long Enough to Feed Press Chocolate

Hillary’s health: Clinton emails obsessed with sleep, “exotic drugs”

Friday, August 26, 2016

Infowars Nightly News: Commercial Free - Thursday (8-25-16)

Infowars Nightly News: Commercial Free... by debunkerbuster

In response to Infowars’ damning inquiry into her poor health, Hillary Clinton directly attacked Alex Jones in a pre-planned speech, claiming the radio host has a “dark heart.”
Why Conservatives Can't Trust FOX News
Ratings alone prove people are waking up to the truth that Fox News doesn't provide "fair & balanced" coverage for conservatives, but with an apparent coup taking place, viewers will struggle to find any mainstream point of view that isn't approved by the establishment.
Ready For Hillary: Liberal Madness on Campus
Liberal intolerance is on the rise on America’s college campuses. Will the future of the country depend on these anti-american nitwits?
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What Really Happened w/Mike Rivero: Thursday (8-25-16)

Full Show - Hillary Clinton Declares war on free press/ PickleGate/ Dark Heart - 08/26/2016

FIRED!? What Did Dr. Drew Say About Hillary's Health?

VIDEO: Hillary is openly bloodthirsty/CLIMATEGATE 2.0

Film Exposes Islamic Takeover Of US Schools

Hillary's Criminal Emails Are Her Presidential Platform

Film Warns of Education Caliphate

What if the Church of Scientology was able to get $500 MILLION PER YEAR in taxpayer money to educate children? That’s what an Islamic cult, the Gulen Movement, gets now. Filmmaker Mark Hall talks about his documentary, “Killing Ed”, that exposes crony capitalism and corruption in Charter Schools and the slander & censorship it has faced.

Reporter Destroys Hillary Clinton/Clinton Declares War ON Alex Jones

Still Report 1146 – CNN's Dr Drew Fired After Concern About Clinton

Still Report #1145 – Ann Coulter on What's At Stake

Judge Napolitano: Hillary Clinton was ‘For Sale’

Judge Andrew Napolitano weighs in on the latest details in the Hillary Clinton email investigation

Related Info:

18 U.S. Code § 793 - Gathering, transmitting or losing defense information
Whoever, being entrusted with or having lawful possession or control of any document, writing, code book, signal book, sketch, photograph, photographic negative, blueprint, plan, map, model, instrument, appliance, note, or information, relating to the national defense, (1) through gross negligence permits the same to be removed from its proper place of custody or delivered to anyone in violation of his trust, or to be lost, stolen, abstracted, or destroyed, or (2) having knowledge that the same has been illegally removed from its proper place of custody or delivered to anyone in violation of its trust, or lost, or stolen, abstracted, or destroyed, and fails to make prompt report of such loss, theft, abstraction, or destruction to his superior officer—
Shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than ten years, or both.

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Gerald Celente Predicts Trump Wins White House

On the 2016 election, a surprising turn around for Trump. Trends forecaster Gerald Celente explains, “We now forecast Trump will win. First, we had Clinton. Trump is his own worst enemy. . . . What’s going to determine the election, we believe, is the debates. These debates will determine it more than they did with Kennedy and Nixon. You are going to see viewer turnout on this break records, maybe even Super Bowl records. It’s going to come down to the debates if Trump doesn’t destroy himself and/or there is not a wild card event. In the absence of that, Trump has a shot at winning this.”

The interview starts with the economic 'crash of 2016'.

[Posted at the SpookyWeather blog, August 27th, 2016.]

Positive Trump Polls Hidden By US Corporate Media. Michael Rivero

Will a President Hillary wipe out independent media? 15000 more Hillary emails, the Chinagate scandal (Clinton treason) revisited with the Clinton Foundation, Trump vs the narco state, the Trump campaign manager change, Agenda 21, police civil asset forfeiture, Bank bail-ins, Rio Olympics mayhem. Guest's website:

More on Chinagate:

Rivero at

... there was an investigation into the 1996 "Chinagate" scandal in which President Bill Clinton authorized the sale to China of very sensitive US technology over the objections of the Pentagon and the Intelligence community. At the same time, Chinese money was funneled through Chinese American citizens into Bill Clinton's re-election campaign. One such arrangement involved Chinese billionaire Ng Lap Seng, but the investigation stalled when Seng refused to leave China and cooperate in the investigation. 

Seng eventually did leave China and was arrested on an unrelated bribery charge in the US a year ago. Former UN official John Ashe was also caught up in the bribery case and was going to testify about the Clintons' links to Seng, but he was found dead, so we are told, having accidentally dropped a barbell on his own throat! 

And if you believe THAT one, I have some of Saddam's nuclear weapons to sell you! 

[Posted at the SpookyWeather blog, August 26th, 2016.]

Hillary Clinton: The Anti-Woman ‘Feminist’

Although Hillary Clinton selected Tim Kaine as her Vice President in this campaign, her true running mate might very well be her vagina. Indeed, while Clinton’s support continues to be among the lowest for any Democratic nominee in recent memory, she has managed to position her gender as a focal point of her campaign, a move intended to capture the women’s vote among liberals and conservatives alike. And, considering her opponent is Donald Trump, a man seen by millions of women as a misogynistic loudmouth, she has done this quite successfully. 

But beyond the political window-dressing and empty rhetoric, Clinton’s record on women and families should not only lose her the support of American women, it should qualify her as one of the most anti-woman candidates in history. For while modest progress has been made toward some semblance of gender equality, it is the actions of Clinton herself that have done more than any other single individual to harm women and families. Slick public relations aside, Hillary Clinton may very well be the most anti-woman candidate in generations. 

Hillary’s Relentless Attack on Women and Families 

“I believe that the rights of women and girls is the unfinished business of the 21st Century.” So said Hillary Clinton in a 2011 interview with Newsweek. And this quote, among many others, has been trumpeted by Clinton supporters as the revelation of the angel of feminism, the gospel according to Saint Hillary. But in probing a little more deeply, some disturbing questions emerge which seem to cast doubt on her commitment to the rights of women and girls, both in the 21st Century, as well as at the end of the 20th Century. 

As First Lady, Hillary Clinton, along with her then President husband Bill Clinton, did more than anyone to make the lives of poor and working class women and girls all the more precarious. Perhaps no single action taken by the Clintons did more to harm women and families than the evisceration of welfare. As part of a deeply cynical, and unconscionably reckless, strategy to win over racist white voters, the Clintons set their sights on Black and Latino women and children, portraying them as parasitical exploiters of hard-working whites. 

After having supported her husband’s goal of “ending welfare as we know it,” Clinton was instrumental in ginning up support for the passage of the Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act of 1996 (PRWORA). This bill, passed with the support of a right wing Republican Congress, effectively ended welfare programs designed to provide real assistance to women and children in desperate need. And, despite countless experts denouncing the law, including a close friend and former assistant secretary of social services at the Department of Health of Human Services, Hillary continued to defend it. Speaking of the destruction of welfare, Clinton told the Gettysburg Times in 2002, “Now that we’ve said these people are no longer deadbeats – they’re actually out there being productive – how do we keep them there?” 

Such callous disregard for the reality of poverty and the difficult circumstances in which millions of women and children live demonstrates precisely what sort of “feminist” Hillary Clinton is: a neoliberal corporate exploiter without a penis. For Clinton, what matters is not the material reality of women’s lives, but rather how best to exploit them for political gain. As feminist scholars Alejandra Marchevsky and Jeanne Theoharis noted: 

“[PRWORA’s] legacy still ripples through the country, where families remain as poor as—or, in many cases, poorer than—before, but with one crucial difference: Today, the “reformed” welfare system provides little safety net, and no hand-up. Instead, it traps poor mothers into exploitative, poverty-wage jobs and dangerous personal situations, deters them from college, and contributes to the growing trend of poor mothers who can neither find a job nor access public assistance. It is our failed social policy—not simply the recession—that is responsible for crisis-level poverty in the United States.” 

Of course, such painful realities are taboo subjects for the devout adherents of the Gospel According to Hillary, where the sacred scriptures tell of a crusading archangel come to Earth to protect the downtrodden women from the oppression of patriarchy. Perhaps church dogma will need to be updated to account for the fact that Clinton’s welfare “reform” reduced the percentage of households eligible for assistance from 68 percent to 26 percent, while the value of a Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) check has dropped by 20 percent. Of course, the Church of Latter Day Corporate Feminists will ignore these, and myriad other statistics which demonstrate that rather than a champion of poor women and families, Hillary has been one of their main antagonists

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