Friday, February 26, 2016

Trump Winning Latino Vote


"I'm an immigrant, woman and Hispanic and I WILL vote for Donald Trump. I've been insulted for sharing my opinion on FB, I had people call me racist for going to the Tucson rally, and I've lost a few so call friends in the process. That will not change my resolution! Growing up all I wanted was to be an American because you could be whoever you wanted to be as long as you worked hard. People fought for this country until their last breath. This country represented justice for the entire world. That has slowly vanished. This summer I will obtain my citizenship after 5 years of waiting LEGALLY and patiently. My first act as an American will be to vote for Trump. I encourage those that, like me, always dreamed of becoming an American and fighting for the American dream, to open their eyes and realize: Trump. Is. Not. Racist. He like many of us, is simply tired of this country disappearing in the hands of those that don't understand the value and pride in being an American!"

Latina For Trump - I am a Mexican-American female living in Texas just 4 hours from the border and I LOVE Donald Trump! Many Hispanics love him! Don't believe the mainstream media. They are liars. LATINOS LOVE TRUMP! #TRUMP2016!!!!

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