Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Political Correctness – The Reason The World Needs To Use Its Trump Card

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Nick Adams | Feb 23, 2016

Many people around the world despair. But every now and again, a public figure emerges who transcends politics and has an undisputed ability to change the culture.
This is why the world needs to use its Trump card. He is uniquely positioned to change the culture of the world, and restore American greatness and Western confidence through attitude alone.
A President Trump would be the best thing, not only for America, but for the entire world.
Proud, confident, bold, patriotic, outspoken, self-reliant, mega-successful, charitable, a force of nature; Donald Trump is American exceptionalism on steroids.
For too long, America’s educational and media elites have relentlessly and recklessly portrayed America as a hateful place. It’s not. It’s the greatest country in this history of the world. But political correctness is giving it an identity crisis. Some may well call Donald Trump an egomaniac and his election to the highest office, risky – but right now, America needs an ego-boost. It needs to believe in itself again. Only then can there be an American renaissance.
A Trump presidency won’t only wipe out political correctness in America; it’ll wipe it off the face of the earth.