Wednesday, February 24, 2016


In comparison, 2008 Iowa winner won his home state by 40%

Donald Trump is only one point behind Ted Cruz in the latter’s home state of Texas and is way ahead in Marco Rubio’s home state of Florida, which suggests Trump could very well be the eventual nominee.
And Trump is also attracting more support from evangelical Christians and Hispanics than Cruz and Rubio.
“With less than a week until the Texas GOP presidential primary, Senator Ted Cruz is edging out his two chief rivals, with Cruz having 29% of the vote followed by Donald Trump at 28% and Marco Rubio at 25%, according to an Emerson College tracking poll released today,” the Emerson College Polling Society revealed.
To put it in perspective, the winner of the 2008 Iowa caucus, Mike Huckabee, won his home state of Arkansas by 40%.
The Emerson poll also revealed Trump has the strongest loyalty from supporters and considering that the recent GOP primaries broke voter records, the Republican Party could easily lose the White House if Trump isn’t the nominee because his supporters simply won’t vote for anyone else.
Additionally, Trump is leading Rubio by 21% in Florida according to a recent poll. Cruz is also beating Rubio in Florida, meaning that Rubio’s relative unpopularity in his home state may lead to his demise.
“The so-called establishment has a choice: Get on the Trump bandwagon or try some desperate maneuver to stop him, but what would that be?” said Roger Simon of PJ Media. “A Rubio-Cruz ticket, assuming they would do it?
“At the time of this writing, the two men added together don’t equal the Trump vote in Nevada — and that’s even assuming their voters would hold, which is a risky assumption, given the current momentum. I mean — Donald won 46% of the Hispanics!”
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