Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Still Report #642 - Trump is Inevitable

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I won’t be posting my special report on my visit to Mr. Trump’s Pawleys Island event until after church today. There is a lot of video to go through.
But the good news about last night’s victory for the Trumpster is that – as he said – “I could run the table from here.”
And there is historical precedent behind that too. According to the Washington Examiner, every Republican candidate who has won both New Hampshire and then South Carolina has gone on to become the Republican nominee.
Although skeptics point out that Trump won by a smaller margin than most polls showed. However his margin of victory was 10%. Do you know what the definition of a “landslide” is in American politics? 
Yes, a ten percent spread is defined as a landslide – and that’s in a 2-way race. In a 6-way race, no matter how you cut it – that’s an overwhelming landslide. 
And that’s despite the fact that even the Pope took a shot at Trump 2 days before the election – totally unprecedented in American politics.
And that’s despite the fact that Trump is a political novice. 
That’s despite the fact that Cruz has been organizing for an entire year is South Carolina – the most evangelical state in the nation.
That’s despite the fact that Rubio was endorsed by a wide array of major political figures in the state.
And that’s despite the fact that of the 36 million dollars the 6 candidates spent on the South Carolina race, Trump only spent less than 2 million! Talk about fiscal conservatism! Who spent wisely among this group.
Finally, one last point. There is one statistic that you rarely see in the news, but which political insiders keep close tabs on – cost per vote.
Here’s the number of votes cast for each candidate. 
Now, when you divide the number of votes into the amount of money spent, it looks like this:
Bush - $238 per vote
Rubio - $72 per vote
Cruz - $42 per vote
Carson - $19 per vote
Kasich - $16 per vote
Trump - $7 per vote

I’m Still reporting from Pawley s Island, South Carolina. Good evening.

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