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Mike Adams joins Alex Jones and Millie Weaver to break down the reality of weaponized food and how President Trump could have encountered it.


Mike Adams joins Alex Jones and Millie Weaver to break down the reality of weaponized food and how President Trump could have encountered it.

Catastrophe! $6.4 Trillion Wasted On 20 Years Of War! (Liberty Report)

A new report by Brown University's Costs of War Project now estimates that by the end of fiscal year 2020, the US will have "spent" $6.4 trillion on a global "war on terror" in which more than three million people have died. And what do we have to show for it? And what will happen when payment is actually due (i.e. the Fed can no longer hide the costs by printing money)?

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Prince Andrew's Wall Of Denial

The creepiest portion of The Duke of York, Prince Andrew’s recent wall of denial tv interview was his strange response when asked if he had any regrets for having known international sex trafficking pimp Jeffrey Epstein. Other than that admission. Prince Andrew had an answer for everything concerning his alleged illegal relationship with Epstein’s sex slave Virginia Roberts. Seemingly scripted and well rehearsed in order to curb the embarrassment plaguing Buckingham Palace.

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Mike Pence Betrays President Trump With Staffer Testifying During Impeachment (HA Goodman)

I thought this development was interesting. It shows that, once again, the quantity of the accusers, now with this Pence aide on the Ukraine call, has no bearing on the quality of the claims being made - the fictional quid pro quo, 'undue pressure' etc. The number of claimants do not count in what is a highly politicised environment because EVERYTHING they say, the hearsay second and third hand testimony, is contradicted by 1st hand accounts and transcripts. Their own testimony under cross examination fails via simple admissions that no crimes occurred.

This keeps happening in Washington - ever since the election - where all the insinuations in these sorts of hearings (theatre) are groundless and reek of being a coordinated political action. And yet the Mainstream Media sells what is happening to the public as if everything were above board (often omitting or downplaying the counter veiling critique).

Meanwhile we have things like illegal military occupations, classified email espionage, unprosecuted bankers and whole host of other things that are ignored by both parties. It looks like what is happening is one corrupt side of politics, closest to the Deep State globalists, is trying to protect their grip on things while a more nationalist corrupt side is trying to get control.

At least some attention is being paid to the blackmail pedo networks after the recent re-arrest and (cover-up) murder of Jeffery Epstein. A fair chunk of the globe is now looking outside the box thanks to that development.

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Pardon Roger Stone Petition #FreeRogerStone


Free Roger Stone:


Pardon Roger Stone Petition #FreeRogerStone

The Shrinking Range Of Acceptable Debate

David Icke talking about the global pedo cover-up and media complicity, plus the Zionist control over the media. He goes on to talk about woke culture programming in schools - that they are pushing ideas such as 100 gender identities - as a destruction of humanity. There are actually only two sexes - male and female - whilst there are various psychological aberrations that deviate from the functional male/female partnering needed to create offspring.

Other methods of distorting or destroying the truth comes with the imprisonment of Julian Assange to discourage whistleblowing. Alternative media I a big target now that the Internet has effective taken control of the political narrative around the world.

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Food tester was first rushed to hospital, and doctors believe there was exposure to time-delayed poison

An inside source says President Trump’s food taster became ill after ingesting an unnamed substance, which is why the president made a surprise hospital visit on Saturday.
In an official statement, the White House said President Trump visited the Walter Reed Military Hospital in Bethesda, Maryland, for  a “quick exam and labs.”
The hospital visit was not listed on the president’s public schedule, according to media outlets which indicated that the visit was not a routine physical exam.
Additionally, the inside source said his food taster was rushed to the facility after becoming extremely ill.
Doctors and staff reportedly found the byproduct of a type of toxin that’s very hard to detect and has a time-delayed onset of symptoms.
Additionally, the toxin is a newer concoction that’s not typically tested for since it’s not well-known, according to the source.
The president was later taken to the same facility where a battery of tests were performed to assess whether he had ingested the same toxin.
There’s an ongoing investigation into the matter.
During the Clinton administration, the chief chef was designated the “presidential food taster,” according to the former White House chef Walter Scheib.
“He said, ‘Yeah, the chef is the taster. We are the last ones to taste it before it goes out,'” [writer Adrian] Miller said of his talk with Scheib.
What’s more, he said, the White House has an elaborate system to keep food for the first family and even state dinners safe. Primarily, the kitchen works with companies that have undergone background checks.
“Discretion is valued,” he said. “If you find somebody bragging about that, you shouldn’t trust them,” said Miller.
Interestingly, Scheib also said that sometimes the most secure way to serve food to the president is to “just go to the store and shop at the last moment.”
That might explain Trump’s ongoing penchant for fast food.
And, according to a 2013 article by Business Insider:
It’s very likely the President has a food taster, and despite criticism of the practice under President Barack Obama, the mystery anti-poison position apparently goes back to the days of Ronald Reagan.
The recent taster controversy was sparked after a report of the President not eating at a lunch with Republican senators earlier this month.
“Apparently he has to have essentially a taster, and I pointed out to him that we were all tasters for him, that if the food had been poisoned all of us would have keeled over,” Sen. Susan Collins (R-Maine) told the Daily Mail after the lunch. “He did look longingly at it and he remarked that we have far better food than the Democrats do, and I said that was because I was hosting.”
White House sources have confided to Alex Jones that there’s been other poisoning attempts against the president in the past. We’re going to break down this live on air while also analyzing other components of the Deep State coup.
Despite the fact that this news broke over the weekend, there’s hardly any coverage regarding the fact that the president made a very rare, unexpected visit to a medical center.
Historically, time-delayed poisons were popular with assassins due to their ability to get past food tasters and other chemical tests that are done on food before it’s eaten.
Powerful leaders were routinely drugged or poisoned throughout the ages.
The president isn’t showing any outward signs of being sick, but he was put though a battery of tests as a precaution.
Additionally, investigators are also considering whether the secret service agent who died while travelling with President Trump in July 2018 was poisoned, according to a source.
In the early stages of Trump’s presidency, Infowars reported that the president may have been drugged which led to a slowdown of his speech.
The president was also sabotaged in various other ways, including the removal of documents and news articles from his desk and the outright blocking of his directives from being carried out.
Attorney General William Barr has also said the executive branch is being sabotaged from doing its basic functions.
This bureaucratic resistance against the president is all part of the climate of division and “civil war” occurring in the country – and it’s par for the course historically when someone is trying to be removed from power – and poisoning is the logical next step given historic trends.

Impeachment Process: The Dumbing Down Of America

Gerald Celente exposes the fraudulent impeachment proceedings and how America is being dumbed down in the process.

Celente warns that people are being distracted away from other important events.

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Free Roger Stone

Roger Stone was railroaded by a system that feeds on its own power. In order for that type of power to exist, corruption must fuel the engine. And so it was with the accelerated witch trial of Roger Stone, who faces prison for the remainder of his natural life for confronting what lies at the heart of that corruption. Sending a chilling effect toward those that would follow in Stone’s courageous footsteps.

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