Monday, March 27, 2017

60 Minutes Exposes “Fake News”

It took everything in my power not to laugh convulsively. 60 Minutes given the task to run this pathetic attempt at shuttering platforms who pose an existential threat to their hoary, concretized and otiose anachronism called TV news. But herein I will address these issues. 

•What is fake news?
•What is news?
•The threat to journalism and free speech.
•When does parody and satire weigh in?
•Pizzagate and 9/11 loose cannons.
•Libel and slander in a post-Sullivan world.
•The existential threat to MSM.
•Trump’s genius in co-opting the term.
•The Internet is the target.
•Clawback and genie back in to the bottle.
•Ted Koppel and Hannity: Ted’s dénouement. 
•CIA and Operation Mockingbird: the reference.