Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Hillary Gets Triggered About Maxine Waters v. Bill O’Reilly and Sean Spicer v. April Ryan (REACTION)

Hillary Clinton spoke before a Women’s conference in California and brought up the issues of Sean Spicer vs. April Ryan and Bill O’Reilly vs. Maxine Waters. She labeled a joke O’Reilly made about Water’s hair as “racist.” Her comments were given as an attempt to shed light on the myriad of issues that women face in business in politics. What they may have actually done was underline how biased politicos on the left are against the right.

First of all, the comments made towards Maxine Waters are all in good spirits. Not malicious in any way. It was simply a joke. Bill O’Reilly said that he was distracted by Maxine Waters’ “James Brown wig” which is very accurate if you look at a side by side of the two individuals. People, like Hillary, immediately jumped to labeling O’Reilly as racist and sexist. These terms do not make sense in this circumstance because both James Brown and Maxine Waters are black. And human. It’s not like O’Reilly compared Waters to a gorilla or chimpanzee. That would be racist due to the history of blacks being compared to animals. Nor is it sexist because Maxine Waters is a woman and James Brown was a man. Destructive terms like “racist” and “sexist” get thrown around by the left whenever there is an opportunity to damage the right.

As for the incident between Sean Spicer and April Ryan, it was truly a nothingburger that once again, people pounced on to use for their own purposes. Sean Spicer always has tense exchanges with reporters during the press briefings. This day was no different, outside of the fact that April Ryan has some notoriety for being the reporter that infamously asked Donald Trump if he plans to meet with the CBC. Trump followed up her question by asking if she knew them and if she could set it up. A maelstrom of “racist” allegations towards Trump then came and as a result, April Ryan has 15 minutes of fame.


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