Monday, April 24, 2017

CNN admits: Trump was right, we were wrong

No one saw this coming.
Thursday, the notoriously liberal CNN (which President Donald Trump has often referred to as “very fake news”) published an opinion piece on Trump that stunned critics.
The article, “Trump’s North Korea policy might just be working,” was written by former British ambassador to North Korea John Everard.
In it, Everard admits Trump was totally correct in his approach to North Korea and handled the situation far better than former presidents Barack Obama or Bill Clinton.
You read that right.

CNN, for all it’s anti-Trump bluster and rants, very quietly owned up to the fact that Trump successfully starred down the bloody dictator Kim Jong Un — and praised the president when North Korea backed down.
It also credits Trump for his brilliant carrier group psych-out.
“Many observers feared North Korea would carry out its sixth nuclear test, or that the USS Carl Vinson and its escorts — which Pyongyang at the time thought were just off the coast of North Korea — would attack,” Everard wrote. “Very few people outside the US administration knew the carrier group was in fact some 3,500 miles away from the Korean Peninsula.”
Why did Kim Jong Un fail to carry out his planned nuclear test on Apr. 15th?
“North Korea blinked,” the article said. “Although it is possible the extensive preparations around its nuclear test site were intended only to wind up the international community, it seems more likely that the North Koreans did indeed plan a nuclear test Saturday but desisted, probably because they assessed the risks of serious retaliation were too great.”
Of course, don’t expect this to be the new normal.
CNN’s brief honeymoon with sanity didn’t last long.
Despite their unexpected praise for Trump’s masterful handling of the North Korean crisis, the so-called “Clinton News Network” went right back to their old ways Friday.
A refreshing bit of honesty from CNN — no matter how brief — is nice to see, though.