Wednesday, April 26, 2017

A Few Thoughts on Trump Filling the Swamp...

First off,  the criticisms of his appointments often heavily rely on labels such as "bankster" applied to people to automatically write them off. Reportedly, Trump does not view people through an ideological lens, but a pragmatic and personal one. Whatever their true nature, ultimately the results these people produce for their boss is what matters.

Secondly, those confirmation hearings were tough going for a bunch of supposed swamp creatures. Assuming this is indeed what these human beings really are, just imagine how it'd go for
all those qualified and willing angels to choose from out there. Such folks, or anything approximating it, would and have been used as fodder for smear campaignsfirings, fake scandals, and calls for impeachment

Maybe the policies implemented will fundamentally change the 
proverbial swamp water environment that created any swamp creatures currently working for POTUS. I'm keeping score and not all is well, but in a multitude of ways things are better than many would have imagined they could be some years ago. I'm an optimist.