Monday, June 19, 2017

Why Trump's Cuba Policy Reflects American Values - Watch Marco Rubio and Another 'Filthy Dirty Cuban' (J/J) Slam Obama And Praise President Donald Trump For Support Of Cuba 6/16/2017 - Trump Enacts New Policy, Allows American Businesses To Work With Cuban Private Sector

  1.  President Trump Retweeted
    Under the leadership of @POTUS, America says once again with one voice -- Que Viva Cuba Libre -- Cuba Si, Castro No: 

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  2.  President Trump Retweeted
    Americans who travel to Cuba can stay & spend with any non-military business on island. Now it's up to Castro govt. to allow them to benefit
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    If Cuban people are hurt it will be because the Castro govt doesn't allow them to own their own business, not because of the new policy
Back from Miami where my Cuban/American friends are very happy with what I signed today. Another campaign promise that I did not forget!

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