Thursday, June 29, 2017

The Democratic Party is DEAD. Here's Why.

The Democratic Party in the United States of America is dead and has been for quite a while now. Maybe not so much in local elections in large cities, or even some small cities with liberal leanings, but they are most certainly no longer relevant in a larger sense. No longer will they be able to take over the White House. Barack Obama was their last hope and he failed in an epic way. Nobody that the Democrats have on their side as of today can defeat either Donald Trump or Mike Pence in an election. So for the next 8 to 16 years, the White House will be red. 

Trump is in office right now during a period of time where up to 2 more justices can (and will) be selected under him. Which means the current 5-4 split which is already in favor of conservatives on the bench will upgrade to a 7-2 split. Then there is the matter of the House and Senate, both of which are controlled by Republicans. How will the Democrats be able to take either one, when their attempts to gain any ground this far in 2017 have been epic failures - most notably that of one Jon Ossoff who essentially set $23 million dollars on fire? 

The rhetoric the Democrats push while on the campaign trail is unbelievably toxic. Scaling back their violent speech and extremist points of view on social issues may help them gain some voters in the center/center-right but it will alienate many that they have gained on the far left. At best, trying to reform their party will be the equivalent to a lateral move. Democrats have painted themselves into a corner. No sympathy should be given to them, however. Poisonous identity politics and failure to enact sound policy in the areas they run are the reason for their demise. It should be allowed to happen so the country can move forward in a *truly* progressive fashion.