Sunday, June 25, 2017

Border Patrol Agents Pull Over U Haul – What They Find Inside PROVES Trump Was Right

Liberals love to pretend that illegal immigration is not an issue that we as a nation should be worrying about. What Border Patrol agents just found inside a U-Haul, however, shows exactly why Donald Trump is cracking down.

The Washington Examiner reported that Border Patrol agents discovered eight illegal aliens suffering from heat exhaustion inside a U-Haul that was pulled over near El Paso by a Texas police officer.

Three of the illegal immigrants were from Brazil while the rest were from El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Ecuador and Mexico.

The aliens had each been locked in the cargo area of the moving truck on a day where the external temperature had exceeded 100 degrees.

One of them was found unconscious while the other seven were suffering from the early stages of heat exhaustion and dehydration.

“This was clearly a precarious situation, and could very easily turned life-threatening,” said Big Bend Sector Chief Jesse Shaw.

Customs and Border Protection said the driver of the U-Haul and those who conspired with him will probably face enhanced prosecution for putting the immigrants in a dangerous position as well as for smuggling them across the border.