Monday, December 11, 2017

Everyone is blasting Trump for writing 'mike' instead of 'mic' — but here's why Trump is right

  • Twitter users mocked Trump for shortening the word microphone to "mike" in a Sunday-night tweet.
  • They suggested Trump was spelling the word incorrectly, as he has done with other words in the past.
  • But the argument over whether to say "mike" or mic" has a surprisingly rich linguistic history, suggesting the president's spelling was perfectly fine.
It's true that "mic" is the more popular way to shorten the word microphone. A quick Google comparison shows terms like "open mic," "rock the mic," and "mic drop" dwarf their counterparts in online searches.
But there's a huge problem with everyone's criticism of Trump's spelling — it wasn't wrong. In fact, the "mike" versus "mic" debate has a rich history that has provoked fiery responses on both sides.
And there is nearly a century of linguistic history on Trump's side on this one.