Saturday, December 30, 2017

CIA Tweets UFO Picture and Documents

Editor's Note: Intelligence officer Luis Elizondo, who is mentioned in this video, and who released the recent UFO footage, is a part of Tom DeLonge's group, see bios of the organization here...

Tom DeLonge's To the Stars Academy Posts Declassified UFO Videos - The Gov Just Released This UFO Video.. - Revealed: the Pentagon’s secret UFO-hunting program - Wake Up David Wilcock & Richard Dolan: Tom DeLonge WILL Bring Disclosure:

Asking for more disclosure is great, but appreciation for what is going on is needed. People can't make comments asking for more info, where they bring up their own talking points that go further, right underneath the CIA's UFO Twitter post, if the CIA hadn't made a UFO Twitter post! I'm well aware of CIA wrong doings, but I see far too much cynicism going on with this topic.

Trump appoints the CIA director and as most know POTUS is well-versed in the Twittersphere. The president is obviously aware and not stopping the CIA from posting UFO material. More evidence that...

UFO Disclosure is Happening RIGHT NOW Under Trump:

Trying to Photograph a UFO?

You never know what you’ll find when browsing through CIA’s FOIA archives
In celebration of World UFO Day, we dug up some long lost tips on how to take photographs of UFOs:
That begs the question: Did CIA really investigate UFOs?
This is one of the most common FOIA inquiries we receive. Whether a skeptic or believer, discover the facts for yourself by taking a peek into our “X-Files,” and then learn all the ins-and-outs of how to investigate a flying saucer claim.

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