Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Ex Spy Chief Admits War With Trump - Former CIA Director Admits Russia-Gate Is Fake As Democrats Make False Allegations Against Trump

Good evening, I’m still reporting on: Ex Spy Chief Admits War With Trump 1938 Synopsis: Mike Morell, the former DCI – Director, Central Intelligence – in an interview in Politico is in essence waving a white flag of surrender to President Trump and begging for mercy for all the Deep State to see. Morell admits that his role in helping to politicize the intelligence community against President Trump was something he and other Deep State spooks “didn’t think through.” Morell, infamously said in a 2016 NYT op-ed that he was committed to helping Hillary Clinton by doing: "… everything I can to ensure that she is elected as our 45th president." But he went completely over the edge by saying that candidate Trump was: “… a threat to our national security.” But it gets worse. Morell even said: “… in the intelligence business, we would say that Mr. Putin had recruited Mr. Trump as an unwitting agent of the Russian Federation.” This one statement made Mr. Morell unclearable for the rest of his natural life. This one statement opened the door to the most inept smoke-and mirrors job in intelligence history – trying to hide the treasonous relationship between the former Secretary of State and the Russians – particularly the Uranium One deal. Smoke and mirrors is one of the oldest disinformation tricks in the spy business – blame your political opponent with the crimes you, yourself, have committed in an attempt to divert sufficient attention so that you can get away with your crimes. Well, this set of crimes goes under the treason category, and Mr. Morell knows it, so he wants to be the first one into the life boat. The question is; what drives an entire group of highly-educated, highly-cleared group of top intelligence officials think that they could get away with placing a criminal cabal permanently at the head of the government of the United States of America? Only the memoirs of these guys over the next decade will tell that tale.

An ex-spy chief for the CIA has admitted his leading role in the intelligence community waging political war against the president.
Ex Spy Chief Admits War With Trump - Former CIA Director Admits Russia-Gate Is Fake As Democrats Make False Allegations Against Trump


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