Friday, June 29, 2018


Record-breaking conservation of bald eagles coincides with the restoration of America

Once on the brink of extinction, the bald eagle is making a comeback across America, according to wildlife biologists.
Since 2016, four states have experienced record-breaking counts of bald eagle nests in the wild, which biologists have attributed to an increase in public awareness and the 1972 pesticide ban that occurred when natural bald eagle pairings only numbered in the few hundred.
“This species, our national symbol, since 1782, was on the brink of extinction, and to see it come back the way it has, it’s an inspiring story all the way around,” said wildlife biologist Bob Sargent.
The eagles, however, are still threatened by illegal hunting, car strikes and emerging neurological disease.
Interestingly, Donald Trump contributed to public awareness on bald eagles over the past several years:
It’s fitting that bald eagles are making a major comeback during his presidency – and future conservation efforts will benefit from the new-found interest in American nationalism.
It’s almost spiritual that the successful conservation of bald eagles coincides with the restoration of America.

Trump rapidly becoming the “conservation president” by revitalizing America’s parks