Friday, June 29, 2018

Punk Rock Band Bad Religion's Anti Alt-Right Song Backfires, Bring in New Recruits - Singer Greg Graffin Goes with the Grain & Establishment Against Trump - Baby Boomer Punk Rockers Prove Conservatism is the New Counter-Culture/Punk Rock with Lazy New Song

Editor's Note: I met Greg once in Chicago on the Van's Warped Tour, shook his hand despite his song shunning the handshake and told him he was an inspiration. I guess he is still inspiring me to action, but not like before. I don't agree with everything I see coming from the alt-right, but I understand where it is coming from (Greg does not/is out of touch) and I see eye to eye on much. The spirit of punk rock I had found with my old punk/hardcore band Illithed is alive in modern day conservatism... and as much as I hate to say it, is dead in this "new" punk rock.

This is the hottest alt right tune. #generationzyklon

Kent Allard
Imagine being this not self-aware.

Damn, leftists are really losing the culture war.

"We love God, We love our women, We love tradition We love kin," How is this supposed to be a bad thing?

Chad Nigeer
This is nice pro Alt Right song, good job Boomers.

Bitoni Lane
lol. is this supposed to be cool? some washed up communist loving clinton suckers preaching to the youth? lol

Chad Right 3 days ago This song made me read "Culture of Critique" :)

Vito Russo
The comment section is amazing thank you brothers and sisters for nailing these washed up leftist cucks to the wall and being so god damn classy and funny about it.

Aspiniou Aspiniou
"hey fellow kids, time for a revolution!"

Never thought I'd see a punk band object to the counter culture yet here we are!

WTF I LOVE the Alt-Right now!

 Kewlbug Kewlbug
the Alt Right sounds pretty cool

Daniel Ohana
The most conformist and establishment as one can get. They're against Trump? So is the entire MAINSTREAM media and MAINSTREAM Hollywood. Nothing edgy about that, perfect little sheep bleating for their masters.

Glen Barrantes
0:03 the rarest Pepe of them all

Hey Greg, this ranks right up there with "Into the Unknown". What happened? I feel like I've stumbled into some strange alternative parallel reality... where the fascists who want to police your thoughts and speech, and visit violence upon those who dare question their social dogma, proudly call themselves 'anti-fascist' and call everyone else nazis. A place where the left has abandoned equality in favor of equity. Where you are no longer judged on the content of your character, but rather first and foremost on the color of your skin, your gender, identity, and your place in the hierarchy of the social progressive stack. A strange alternate reality where people no longer have a sense of iorny, and no one has read George Orwell.

Tony Attardo
Oh shit, the backfiring, Jesus lol.

Was the goal of this song to make the Alt Right look cool. If it is, it worked.

Stefan Raeburn

Jessebro Jessebro
oh shit where do I sign up for the alt-right?

“Alt-Right” in today’s day = anything right of not wanting to blow a tranny.

The Burned Man 

"We love God, we love our women, we love tradition, we love our kin" Are these boomers so far up their own asses that they see those things as inherently bad? This is supposed to be against the Alt Right right? Total failure of a propaganda song.

o o o o
This is weak sauce.

It's afraid...

Is loving God, our women, tradition, and our kin bad? Punk bands who get rich sure have strange viewpoints

Red Pill Germany
Awesome song! The kids are alt-right! YEAH!!!! Bad Religion know what's coming!

Oliver Dowling
Politics aside, the song is meh

Michael Frost
Oh wow so edgy and relevant

Good 'ol Generation Zyklon

Estrogen the song

Lars Agerbæk
The ZeitGeist has gone full circle.

You either die a hero or live long enough to see your self become the villain.

The comment section gives me hope lol 

Alexander B
What is alt right and why does it look so cool?

Na Shum
We love our kin, join the alt-right. =)

Cano 4 da
This was a suggestion since i always played their song "Leaders & Followers" and i liked Bad Religion. Now i hear this casserole of nonsense and i hope each and every member of this band gets butt cancer.


The Alt-right and the new young centrist movement are against the mainstream establishment. We are the new counter culture.
Sad Cast 1
"We have shiny new tools for ancient impulses that we can’t even understand." I thought they were referring to liberal hipsters who've abandoned tradition in pursuit of hedonism 

Bryan Eich 

Lmao.. Punk Rock in 2018; Everyone who disagrees with me is an alt right nazi.

This is the culmination of hours writing on the shitter.

I'm alt right and I dont really find this song offensive lol

Landon Warsmith
Alt Right =People who want to keep their culture in a prideful manner and are Not ashamed of who they are while making ALL of there way on there OWN. Never to take GOVERNMENT HANDOUTS ,but work for there family and folk. Commence the grammar patrol with no debate ---

cris cris
RIP Epitaph 

Kekistani Freedom Fighter
Hahahaha, I've not listened to punk for awhile. But are they trying to get people to join the alt right. Cause this this shit looks great. HH brothers.

doomed huh
more like the kids are sjw

Andrew Dickson
Politics aside, I think the song is lazy. 

Arnold Layne
Punk is dead, long live the Alt right

My favorite thing about this song is that it validates the Alt Right and makes us look cool and dangerous

Ghost of Buckley
Is this supposed to be alt-right propaganda? Wut?

G Fox
Wow, a punk band that is pro establishment and supports Neo Liberal Globalist corporatism. 

Max Powers 1
Punk is in a sad state when Bad religions new song sounds more like one of 1000 recent Late Night Show or Comedy Central sketches



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