Friday, February 19, 2016

Trump is Right: They Lied About the Iraq War

TRUMP ON BUSH GOING INTO IRAQ: ‘THEY LIED’ "Obviously the war in Iraq was a big, fat mistake," Trump said.

Trump challenged on "Bush Lied" claim; 2-18-2016

Kevin Stuart Lee5 hours ago

My first impression was that Trump did poorly: CNN mission accomplished.  After research and review, however, Trump was right to demure the CNN trap.  "They lied" =/= "Bush lied."  CNN however cashed in on the easy, though still logically invalid elision between the two.  Trump dodges the trap by pointing out that it doesn't matter, the European migrant crisis, rapes of women and children, ISIS, etc. were all set off by the Iraq War and Bush's decision to embark upon it, regardless of how well the GOP establishment wants to think of him.  Cooper has to press the lie question twice to try and goad Trump into the prepared trap: the questioner is the head of the Palmetto Family Council, establishment to the hilt, and Cooper has Trump's quote pre-prepared.  Nice scripting CNN, better luck pulling the wool over your viewers' eyes next time.

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