Friday, February 19, 2016

Media Turns Trump's 2002 'I Guess So' Statement Into Declaration of War Against Iraq

": Trump expressed concerns months after the Iraq War began, while 60% of Americans still supported the war. "

According to the NY Times:

In Fact | Donald Trump Opposed Iraq War — but After It Started

Donald J. Trump took a moment to separate himself from his rivals by declaring that he had gone on the record with his opposition of the Iraq war some 11 years ago — in July 2004.
The claim, however, left out the reality that his opposition came well after the war was already underway. The war began in March 2003.
It was that next year that Mr. Trump spoke against the war, in interviews with Esquire and Larry King.

In fact, around seven weeks before the invasion of Iraq Trump stated that President Bush "perhaps shouldn’t be doing it yet and perhaps we should be waiting for the United Nations." Going on to state that "the economy is a much bigger problem."

Of course, that statement is being downplayed by Trump haters and the following statement, stupid pun intended, is being used to promote a trumped up narrative.

Six months before the Iraq War began, Donald Trump was asked about his support for the war, which at that point was still in the debate stage, “Yeah, I guess so,” Trump replied. “I wish the first time it was done correctly.”

He guesses so? What a warhawk!

Me to My Wife: Hey, honey do you wan't spaghetti for dinner?

Her Reply: I guess so.

My Reply: You don't sound too excited about it, we can have something else if you want..

Her: Yeah OK, let's order pizza then.

Just days after the actual Iraq invasion began, Trump was on record calling the war “
a mess.”

If Trump is guilty of exaggerating his opposition to the war, his detractors are just as guilty of blowing his statements out of proportion to make him look as if he is a liar on par with the likes of Ted Cruz and Hillary Clinton. Give me a break!


Trump is Right: They Lied About the Iraq War