Thursday, May 18, 2017

Russians and Classified Info Drama: Mainstream Media, Neocons, Democrats Collude to Impeach Trump

Yet another Donald Trump story with a Russia spin on it has found it’s way to the mainstream media. Now they are saying that Trump revealed “highly classified” information to the Russian ambassador during a recent visit to the White House. This, according to the Washington Post. Of course the mainstream media has taken WaPo’s story and run with it and have now made it appear to be some type of scandal. The reporting on it is so outlandish and dramatic, that the average non-political person may fear the President will be impeached soon. But the reality is much different than what paid agitators on television would have you believe.

First of all, the information Trump revealed to the “Russians” was not very sensitive and it is also not illegal for him to reveal it even if it was. Trump has the authority to do that, and in context, it was to aid Russia with information so they can further assist in the war on terror. To get to the meat and potatoes of the situation, all that he revealed was the city in which intel about an aviation risk had emanated from. He did not reveal the actual source and it is not even clear if he revealed the actual aviation risk. In fact, General H.R. McMaster says that Trump was not even briefed on that information to be able to reveal it. 

The Washington Post alluded to Trump damaging national security with his “information leak” but if any party has jeopardized national security, it is WaPo itself for publishing the story. Much of the mainstream media wants to paint Russia as the enemy but the reality is they are an ally of mutual problems, that being the war on terror. Washington Post publishing this story gives the information to the actual enemy, being those engaging in the war on terror, whereas Trump did not give that information to them.

Furthermore, the evidence of a hit job from the mainstream media can be found by simply examining their track record. Hillary Clinton constantly leaked information, much of which came from the shady email server that was installed in her actual house. Some classified emails wound up on Anthony Weiner’s laptop computer. Barack Obama himself had major leaks in the White House which may have led to people actually dying. Those aforementioned stories were handled with kid gloves because Obama and Hillary Clinton both dance to the globalist tune. So we see why Trump is being treated disproportionately unfair here.


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