Tuesday, May 30, 2017

James Mattis Asked "What Keeps You Awake at Night?" - His Answer is Thug Life - CNN Dems Baffled When Guest Debunks Trump Obstruction of Justice Claim

I'm face palming after this one. Historian Doug Wead points out the acting FBI Director is a pro-Hillary Democrat and if Trump wanted to obstruct justice that's a bad way to do it. He also points out the acting director stated there is no lapse in the investigation. After this, Don Lemon and the other Democrats pretend to be baffled by his point. They scrunch their eye brows and shake their heads. One of the guest claims Wead was deflecting by attacking the acting FBI Director. Either these people are complete imbeciles, or they're actively trying to discredit his point by pretending to be dumbfounded.