Friday, May 26, 2017

Breaking: JARED KUSCHNER UNDER FBI INVESTIGATION. contact with Russians - Inside Dems' 'big lie' about Trump and Russia - Scholar Unravels the Lies Surrounding the Collusion Nonsense

David Knight of Infowars notes in the below video clip that there are some ethical concerns regarding Kuschner, but not because of any Russia connections. He points out the above disclaimer from the Washington Post and breaks down what is really behind RussiaGate...

KIM DOTCOM TO TESTIFY IN RUSSIA PROBE SETH RICH WAS WIKILEAKS SOURCE: CNN, WaPo, Preventing Truth - What is more likely? Russian hacking election or Seth Rich Hit? - Uncle Hotep chimes in:

HNN: Even Some Corporate Media Outlets Admit The Trump Russia Story Is Fake News - Hannity: The Russia collusion narrative is crumbling: