Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Kathy Griffin Holds Donald Trumps Bloodied Head In ISIS Like Video - Kathy Griffin's Talentless Clickbait Photoshoot - Kathy Griffin *&#@* Trump to Get Fame - PASTOR FEARLESSLY CALLS OUT KATHY GRIFFIN

Kathy Griffin tries to revive her career by going full ISIS Mode on what appears too be a bloodied head of President Trump. She brags about wanting his head bloodied and detached from his body. This is the truly disturbing attitude and actions we are seeing from the so called progressive loving left.

In what is probably the most hypocritical stunt to date, Kathy Griffin goes too far in order to stay famous. What if ANYONE did this to Obama? If you would have been mad at someone doing it to Obama, you have to me mad at this or you are what is called a Hypocrite.