Friday, March 2, 2018

Trump is right to bully America’s enemies

While many accuse the president of engaging in playground taunts, Trump speaks to rogue dictators and terrorists in the language they understand. He demonstrates a stark shift in U.S. policy from one of fear and appeasement to treating such bullies in the fashion they deserve — with contempt and derision.

Trump’s critics will wonder why the president seems to take a softer approach with Russian President Vladimir Putin, but Putin does not claim his goal is to obliterate the U.S. militarily or via terrorist attacks. The response the United States has employed for years with those who do — and the one preferred by Trump’s critics — led to a far-reaching Islamic State, a North Korea that is armed with long-range missiles and a more dangerous world overall. A radically different response has been long overdue.
We claim to want our children to understand that bullies should not be tolerated or respected. That philosophy should not include an exemption for dictators and terrorists.


Truth Teller's Radio Episode 15 - Stopping Bullying and Why Donald Trump is NOT a Bully: