Saturday, March 24, 2018

Mike Huckabee responds to Jim Carrey tweet & A Deeper Truth about Jim Carrey

Michele Stone 2 days ago (edited)
Who is jim carrey ?? Sounds like a fart in a tornado. All over the place.

Lephirox 1 day ago

A well-recognized actor, producer, autor and comedian? Who are you? That's what I thought. But do cry more. =]

My Repy:

Lephirox None of that qualifies him to to be taken seriously when commenting on politics. He has free speech and is in a huge position of power, as it pertains to influence based on his work as an actor. BUT when you get political, you are abusing your power because you did not get into that position based on your skills as a political pundit. Don't be a bully, fight fair! Make an anonymous Twitter account and then duke it out in the arena of ideas. He will not find himself getting much attention I assure you. He would be in the same boat as the rest of us who are not super-successful political commentators. He would find that many of the foot soldiers, some who are artists, that he does battle with in this info war, will have gotten much more support than him after the same amount of time. When people both begin at the place they have earned that is... the same starting line. Furthermore, Carrey doesn't believe he exits, he thinks we are one consciousness experiencing itself, I'm not arguing, but then why attack Sarah in this way? He hates his existence, he hates himself.


Lephirox 1 hour ago +Debunker Buster
I'll answer to your first sentence since the rest is inconsequential. What you say is very subjective. That's like saying Trump has no business being President because he is was a tv personality and a businessman. Tsk, tsk, tsk. I replied to a ridiculous ad hominem post saying: "Who is Jim Carrey?", that's about it. I didn't mention anything else. If you chose to concur with his opinions about politics or not that's not my problem, nor has anything to do with my reply to the Op.

Debunker Buster 1 second ago
No, what I said is very objective truth. Carrey has earned no stripes in this area, he is operating solely from his unrelated endeavors. Trump being elected because he was a businessman, not because he was a tv personality, is very relevant to the presidency. A sentiment you will see time and time again in his endorsements. Don't get that twisted or we are in for bad times indeed with all kinds of horribly unqualified celebrity candidates. It is clearly implied that the Op is saying Jim Carrey is irrelevant to the issues at hand. Not ad hom really, nothing about Carrey's character there, just not elucidated like my comment. You coming in with Carrey's resume was a defense of him having some validity in this realm. That's how I see it. I'm done here, peace.