Sunday, October 8, 2017

Making a Murderer Charlottesville: Debunking the Myth of Heather Heyer - Heather Heyer Died of Massive Heart Attack - Graphic content - Heather Heyer was not hit by car


"Why I'm Suing UC Berkeley and Antifa..." - Full Show - Veterans Prepare For ANTIFA Uprising As Deep State Coup Moves Forward - ARMED ANTIFA PROF ADMITS CHASING CHARLOTTESVILLE DRIVER — BEFORE DEADLY CRASH!

Regarding the below two videos, there are things that the video creator says that I disagree with or find questionable, but his analysis regarding Heather Heyer seems on point.

NOT DEBUNKED: Heather Heyer was not hit by car

krc306 2 weeks ago
Your video doesn't show anything apart from relative positions. The actual impact isn't filmed in your video. Even if you look at that stop sign position, the distance she moved is hardly anything. There is clear video showing that she falls perpendicular to the impact of the car into the other car. She avoids impact by falling to the side. It's clear as day light. Check it out.

John W 3 weeks ago (edited)
Hate to break it to you but video doesn't show shit nor does it prove anything. For all we know she ran on foot fleeing after the initial impact and that caused the heart attack. Doesn't necessarily mean she was struck by the car. Your sisters eye whiteness account doesn't mean anything either, eye whiteness accounts are very unreliable. It all comes down to the whether or not the autopsy shows blunt force trauma as a result of being struck by a vehicle. That will be definite proof, everything else is just bullshit conjecture. One thing we do KNOW is she died of a heart attack as confirmed by her mother on camera. Until they release the autopsy report we will never know but don't hold your breath on seeing that anytime soon especially if it shows she was not actually struck by the car. Hopefully the truth comes out during the court case.

bradyspace 2 weeks ago
You're a real piece of work. The car wasn't even driving 25 mph at impact, and she was thrown 20 - 30 feet?? Are you insane or just covering for your little terrorist sister? Was this lady launched over the parked cars as well? 30 feet that's like a canon shot. Father of lies is a murderer. Why were two cars parked in an alley with a surrounding crowd illegally hijacking the street and wielding deadly weapons? Was it perhaps that your little terrorist sister blocked that street surrounded a car with bats and instigated the death of of one her partners in crime? Now you're trying your're darndest to lie and cover up. Sick and irresponsible. Multiple deaths are caused by these rabble rousing lies, "Mister". I appreciate you want to protect your sister, but you're doing it at the expense of people's lives. Don't lie. Period.

Mandraquex3000 3 weeks ago
I hate to disagree, but if this is in fact the case, I think msm would have definitely been showing the clip of heather flying through the air on a 24/7 loop. It is unfortunate that Heather died, but, like I said, I have to disagree with your assessment.

InkDropFalls 2 weeks ago
Wait sec if heather started by that truck as you claim and flys towards the stop sign and yet you dont see this point do you see heather travel that far there person right next to truck who not even half of heather wight been hit by that car as you said and you see traveling through air travels about 8 feet and not faster than than car they end up behind the car ..

If you claim this how far heather is thrown then how can heather be traveling faster in the air than the car that hits and end up 10feet down road in front of car ......that is impossible unless when car hits her he stops then waits then starts again ...this is not the case ....the footage you show before is different time to when she was hit clearly ....

Just think about car travels X speed hits person and keeps going and that person end up traveling faster than car a head of the lands down 15 feet in front of car ....again you saying the car hit a person X amount speed and that person travels even faster than the car that hits that person even tho car not slowed down and still ends up 15 feet in front away from car .....Utter bullshit

Abraham Levi 1 week ago (edited)
No force on earth would throw her 20 feet. There is time between the two videos, in which she waddled further. You lying communists will do anything to push your agenda.

frogfather44 2 weeks ago
Well looking at your video she was ahead of the person with the camera which would put her at the back or possibly past the Tundra. Note the guy with the red backpack has a shadow seven to the back part of the rear tire of the Tundra. (1:56) A Tundra is approximately 20 ft long. (228.9 to 247.8") Which she would have had to flown 50 or so ft. up and forward. Which is not part of any video. Nor does she appear to be on top of the car. Either she was dragged along the ground which also does not show up in videos and would have left great damage to her, or she got out of the way and after went to where the cars and injured were. Then she had a heart attack.
dagmastr 2 weeks ago
I don't think a 300lb woman could be thrown that far, a very large woman like that would have definitely been caught on video.

Jason Patry 2 weeks ago
I think that video is proof that she doesnt get hit by the car... shes on the left of the one taking the video... and seeing where the car hit... that person taking the video is on the extreme left of the front of the car... barely get hit he get more pushed aside by the actual people getting hit by the car... so if she is already 3 to 4 feet away on the left of the camera... how can she been hit?? Ill put my money on she got really scared like all the people there... ran for it toward the stop sign and fell down from the heart attack right there and then. being over weight... a smoker and being panicked and running... that would pretty much do it. I dont think your proof stand buddy... and your sister we cant really rely on... millions different version told of that day by all the people that where there... your sister is just another one... cant really know whos right...

InkDropFalls 2 weeks ago (edited)
car travels X speed Hits person but car is still traveling at x speed can that person travel faster than the car that hit them in the air land 15 feet in front of car ....the only way that can happen if car hits and slams breaks at moment impact sending you forward and ending up 15 feet in front ....the footage clearly shows that is not the case the car did not stop till it had passed the stop sign ..and heather ends up right back end of the car as seen in the footage ...

It is impossible for a person to travel faster than the car that hit them if that car is still driving matter what speed it is ...what you describe is snooker when hit a ball and stop cue hence ball travels forward faster than the cue ...if i push the cue into the ball and keep going at the same speed all im doing is pushing the ball a long the table to ball skews off the cue and behind at no point will the snooker ball travel faster than the cue that is pushing the ball and continues speed ....only way to do that is cue has to stop on impact to transfer the energy into ball then ball will travel forward away in front of cue ..but even then the energy use to hit that ball is lost in the transfer and will not travel faster the cue impacted it ...this did not happen as you say ...the car did not hit her and slam breaks on and then once stopped he then sped up again cans in video he continues at same speed imapct all the way to stop sign before stopping meaning heather is behind the car ....

think of it this way if you must i throw ball at can and ball keeps traveling that can will never travel faster than the ball that hit that can and land in front that can ....again only way that can happen is if the object stops on impact .............Its just physics


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