Tuesday, October 17, 2017


Ratty McCatty 10 hours ago
McCain is what is wrong with America, Trump is what is right with America.

Candy Vanpelt 10 hours ago
McCain is a war monger. Always has been. There has not been a war he hadn't been for.

Nokomisclub 10 hours ago
So sad to see McCain letting his PETTY dislike of Trump take priority over keeping his promises to the American people.

Joshua Watson 10 hours ago
McCain is NOT a war hero. All vets, like myself, know this.

Tom Jones 10 hours ago
A retired navy commander warned me about mccain 20 years ago. Guess he knew something. Can't believe I ever respected that pathetic man. He and Arizona should be ashamed.

J Potter 10 hours ago
McCain is a traitorous, anti American , globalist sack of shit! Fucking traitor ass songbird!
Tounge Lasher 10 hours ago He a NWO supporter and agent asshole.

Good Day 10 hours ago
Mccain is a BITTER JEALOUS DEMON who never became President....and now these globalist satanists are exposing what they really were trying to do to America...thank God Hillary didn't win!!

LaRee Weatherman 10 hours ago
McCain believes in the New World Order! He said after President Trump won that we have been under the NWO for 70 years. McCain doesn't want Nationalism! He wants America under the thumb of GLOBALISM! I HATE MCCAIN!!! HE IS EVIL! HE IS SCUM!

James Fowler 9 hours ago
So John McCain admits he is a stinking globalist. This is the real war that's going on in America.


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