Friday, October 20, 2017

Response to Jim Carrey Comment from Michael Moore's Anti Trump Broadway Show That Flopped Hard

Note to Jim Carrey, nobody forgot that Trump was rich, that's kind of his thing. He is an elite in the sense of having money I suppose, although I think most would just use the term rich. But yes, Jim, he is not an elite in that, he is not a globalist or liberal elite. He is also not a banker or Wall Street guy. He didn't make his money off of fake shifting around of numbers like a bankster, but rather REAL estate. He built buildings, provided products and services, hired construction and service workers in droves and clearly knows and respects those people.

Michael Moore's new Broadway show has concluded with mostly negative reviews. 

In 1988, Trump attended the Republican National Convention as a guest of Vice President George H.W. Bush, whom he supported in that year’s presidential contest. While there, the businessman sat down with Larry King for a CNN interview.
“Are you a Bush Republican?” King asked.
“No,” Trump answered. “The people that I do best with drive the taxis. You know, wealthy people don’t like me because I’m competing with them all the time. And I like to win. I go down the streets of New York and the people that really like me are the workers.”


Jim Carrey "The Power of Consciousness":