Monday, October 16, 2017

Truth Teller's Radio Episode 8 - Harvey Weinstein Scandal: #BoycottHollywoodPPP

Boycott Hollywood Compilation: Hollywood's Reaction to Weinstein Scandal Is Reason Enough to Boycott Them!:

They’re All In It Together – Weinstein Paid for Bill Clinton’s Legal Fees During His Sex Abuse Scandal:

Actor Corey Feldman Says Pedophilia No. 1 Problem for Child Stars, Contributed to Demise of Corey Haim:

Actor Terry Crews: I was sexually assaulted by Hollywood executive:

Emma Thompson: ‘I spent my 20s trying to keep old men’s tongues out of my mouth’:


Once again, the BBC interviewed the X-Files guy who again basically called 9/11 truth a religion. Clips of the pilot episode of The Lone Gunmen are shown and the narrator mentions how people believe that the show was predictive programming for the real thing. It's worth noting that the star of the show, Dean Haglund, believes this to be the case. In 2004, he revealed how the government officials often attend Hollywood parties and submit ideas for film and TV show plots.

Did Hollywood predict 9/11?:

The Long Kiss Goodnight .. 9/11 ... interesting scene from 1996:

JM Talboo & Natasha Republican Lifecoach - Fake News, Wiretapping Scandal, Pedogate: