Monday, August 14, 2017

Did Charlottesville Driver Panic?

Charlottesville Driver Wasn’t A White Supremacist, He Was Terrified – Report:


The statement from police officers comes from Taylor Lorenz, a journalist at The Hill, who spoke to multiple officers soon after the event.
Charlottesville Unite the Right rally: what’s happened so far:


The driver was reportedly taken into police custody. Police officers at the scene told reporters that the driver “wasn’t malicious.”


Making a Murderer Charlottesville: Debunking the Myth of Heather Heyer - Heather Heyer Died of Massive Heart Attack - Graphic content - Heather Heyer was not hit by car:

Charlottesville- Unite the Right Protest Recap - Alt Right, Cuckservatives, Communism vs Fascism, Unpopular Analysis - POTUS Trump Is Criticized By Media Because He Condemned Violence On Both Sides In Charlottesville - Trump's Response, Car Plows into Crowd, Helicopter Downed - Civil War is here! #Charlottesville: