Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Trump Wrecks Fake News Reporters At Trump Tower Over Charlottesville Questions (REACTION)

The hashtags #impeachtrump has arisen on Twitter since Donald Trump had another press conference discussing the Charlottesville tragedy on Tuesday, August 15th 2017. This time it was held at Trump Tower. The presser was originally going to be about infrastructure, but of course, the media took the opportunity to ask questions about his responses to the tragedy. A central focus of the questioning was the difference between his initial response immediately after the events and the response he made two days later. Since Trump did not initially say “white nationalists” and “KKK” among other white hate groups by name, instead opting to say “all sides”... some thought he was trying to protect them. As he repeated again in this conference, it was all about getting the facts as to what really happened rather than making a knee-jerk and uninformed statement.

Much of the leftist-controlled media will feign outrage at his most recent press conference due to not placing all of the blame on the white-centric hate groups in attendance at the Charlottesville rally. What he did instead was give facts about how peaceful the protest (with permit) was the first night when the anti-protesters and other subversive groups came out the next day. He also said that some people who came from other places on both sides wanted a true and legitimate protest. Some really wanted to be there for the initial purpose of the rally, which was to protect the statue of Robert E. Lee from being removed and the park from being re-named from Lee Park to Emancipation Park. Others were there to peacefully protest the protesters and to support the decision of the city to remove the statue and re-name the park. Subversive groups and people were on both sides. 


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