Sunday, May 21, 2017

The Good and Bad of Trump's First Foreign Trip

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The Reformation of Islam?, 1640

Good evening, I’m still reporting on The Reformation of Islam?, 1640

Synopsis: What a remarkable morning it has been. For the first time since I even started worrying about the invasion, I now see a ray of hope that this will not end up in a worldwide conflagration – all thanks to Donald Trump.
Unfortunately, I missed this lady’s name, other that Dr. Achmed. She is obviously a scholar of moderate Islam – something I had doubted even existed. I pray that I am not being fooled – as I have been before on various topics – but this woman’s commentary has made a big difference in the way I view Trump’s approach on dealing with Muslims in general.

President Trump’s Speech to the Islamic World, 1641

Good evening, I’m still reporting on President Trump’s Speech to the Islamic World, 1641

Synopsis: What a remarkable speech today by President Donald Trump. For the first time, the Sunni Arab world has come together to not only denounce radical Islam and the terrorism it his spawned, but even make it illegal to help finance it.

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