Wednesday, July 4, 2018

President Trump is Saving US Taxpayers Many Billions of Dollars, How Many Billions???

Study: Trump has eliminated $86B in regs - President Trump has saved taxpayers more than $86 billion in regulatory costs during his first three months in the White House, according to a new study from a conservative group.

Trump-Endorsed Immigration Bill Would Save Taxpayers Trillions:

Trump strikes $3.9 billion deal with Boeing for new Air Force One - "President Trump has reached an informal deal with Boeing on a fixed price contract for the new Air Force One Program," White House spokesman Hogan Gidley told CNN. "Thanks to the President's negotiations, the contract will save the taxpayers more than $1.4 billion."

Report: Trump To Repeal YUGE Obama Law – American Taxpayers To Save Trillions

BREAKING: Trump Cuts White House Budget, Saves American Taxpayer $22 Million - Hot News

Trump: Raise Act will save taxpayers billions

Trump Kills 1 Government Program That Helps Illegals, Instantly Saves Taxpayers Billions

President Donald Trump: Negotiating Contracts Will Save Billions | CNBC

Donald Trump: "The wall will save hundreds of billions of dollars"

Trump Saves Taxpayers $3,000,000 by Nuking Obama Designed Website

Breaking Trump Humiliates Obama One Last Time… And Saves Taxpayers BILLIONS!

Donald and Melania Trump Saving Taxpayers Millions More than Michelle and Obama

Michelle vs Melania demonstrates : How Trump's Save more Taxpayer money than Obama

Melania trump is saving more taxpayer money than michelle obama as first lady.

TRUMP Saving Taxpayers $148 MILLION PER YEAR!

President Trump Saves Taxpayers $65M, Americans Are Cheering

Trump SAVING Taxpayers $22 million

Executes Stealth Food Stamp Maneuver, Taxpayers Save $12B

Donald Announces Welfare Executive Order That Will Save Taxpayers Billions | American Today

President Trump Saves Taxpayers $260M, Cuts Funding To Liberal ‘Holy Grail’

President Trump is Saving US Taxpayers Many Billions of Dollars, How Many Billions???