Saturday, July 28, 2018

James Woods Goes Off, Destroys Obama Legacy with Incredible Meme


STFU Up Tom Arnold! Roseanne Isn't Racist, Your Buddy Arnold Schwarzenegger Is. Pizzagate Hasn't Been Debunked and There's An Intellectual Case for Conspiracism:

Gun Control is a Snake Oil "Cure" for a Nonexistent Crisis:

5 Points To Counter The NRA DEBUNKED - Penn & Teller Helps Gun Control Supporters Understand The 2nd Amendment:

Debunking Gun Control Advocate Statistical Analysis - DAVID HOGG: The Unfiltered, Unpopular Truth! | Louder With Crowder:

Shocking details in IG report reveal James Comey, Peter Strzok and FBI agents plotted TREASON against America:

FBI agent Peter Strzok pledged “we’ll stop” Trump from becoming president: Does anything rise to level of treason in D.C.?:

Peter Strzok: OK. Now I Believe in Demon Possession - Jim Jordan Grills Peter Strzok - 'I Don't Give a Damn What You Appreciate': Gowdy to Peter Strzok - Fitton: Why is Mueller probe still ongoing with corruption? - Sex, Lies, And The Deep State:

The REAL Problem With Michelle Wolf’s WHCD “Comedy” | Louder With Crowder - Greg Gutfeld on the White House Correspondents' Dinner - Michelle Wolf ‘killed’ the White House correspondents’ dinner. It's over. Thanks! — Lionel - Scott Adams talks about tasteless jokes and Iran - Ingraham: The death of comedy and decency - Steyn: We're seeing the death of comedy - Sarah Sanders handled Wolf’s jokes with grace: Corey Lewandowski:

WHY CLINTONS MUST FACE JUSTICE - These people are thieves and monsters, said Haitian aid worker Gary Heavin:

Must-See Donald Trump vs Hillary Clinton Information: