Thursday, February 18, 2016

Hillary Clinton is a Crook - This is Why People Won't Vote for Her (A Letter to ABC's 7:30 Program)

In the age of the Internet crooks can't easily hide their history from the people.

You need to watch the video Hillary Clinton: A Career Criminal.

The clip features multiple FBI, DoJ and Congressional investigations into her conduct.

It is amazing that she has not been successfully prosecuted for her actions.

One of the reasons she is not in prison may be that herself and husband Bill, helped cover-up the CIA's Mena airport operations during the Iran-Contra scandal. People attempting to blow the whistle on what was going on, like CIA pilot Barry Seal, ended up being killed.

Many of the facts relayed in this first link are echoed in many other clips and articles that are easily found online (in social media networks).

Another clip to watch is titled Google "Hillary Clinton rape", from independent journalist James Corbett:

Another expose of the Clinton's can be found in the video: Meet the Clintons from the same journalist.

It is not hard to understand why people dislike Hillary. It is because of her conduct.

The present email scandal is simply a reflection of her past behaviour. Hillary lied about it:

The Hillary Clinton Email Scandal, In Two-and-a-Half Minutes

Other individuals have been imprisoned for failing to protect such information.

Her connections to Wall Street are transparent also.

There's no hiding these specific facts. This is why people favour Bernie Sanders over Hillary Clinton.

More background into Bill and Hillary's time in Arkansas, during the Mena airport scandal, is found in the 1994 documentary: The Clinton Chronicles

The flip side of this US election issue, why people won't vote for Hillary (raised on your 15/2 program), is why people are voting for Donald Trump.

If you are wondering why 'minority groups' would vote for Trump over Hillary or even Bernie Sanders, I urge you to watch the following video, and others in this series, that explains their logic:

Table Talk Episode 14: Ted Cruz is a liar. Donald Trump is still Winning. Our Message to Minorities

The reason why anyone would vote for Trump is apparent from his speeches.

Outside of his bombastic rambling style, Trump has identified the wealth draining policies that have impoverished the USA. He actually has a plan to bring jobs back into the country. He talks about the political corruption that has hurt the US economy (where the real unemployment rate is around 20%):

There are other speeches where Trump better explains his plan on using tariffs to bring back industry.

My fear, and the reason for this message, is that it's very likely the ABC will continue with a superficial 'fairy floss' coverage of the US election - thereby misinforming the public. Try to interview real independent election observers and avoid establishment hacks that try to gloss over the real issues that American voters are concerned about.

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