Saturday, September 2, 2017

We've Got Kid Rock's Back - Senate 2018


Kid Rock made a splash here. The Conservative Tribune reports, Football season is right around the corner. Do you know what that means? Yup, you guessed it. Former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick is back in the news — though this time it is because no football team wants to take him.

"Kid Rock for U.S. Senate 2018" Scares the Deep State, Shadow Government, Ruling Class to Death

A Kid Rock, né Robert Ritchie, Senate run in Michigan scares Deep Staters to the core and a poll shows him far ahead in the Republican primary and within the margin of error in the general election. Hallelujah! The revolution's coming.

Kid Rock vs. The Swamp

Early Poll: Kid Rock Up 4 Points On Stabenow in Michigan Senate Race


Trump Effect manifesting raw opposition to the establishment

The news that Southern-fried rock/rapper Kid Rock will be running for some timeserving Dem hack’s Senate seat in Michigan should make every normal American smile and spill a 40 to his homies.
The future Senator Rock deserves your eager support for two critical reasons: First, it will drive the liberals insane. Second, it will make George Will and the rest of Team Fredocon soil themselves.
Kid Rock? Oh, well I never!” You simpering sissies. I’ll take his nasty stringy mop and torn wife beater over your preferred weasels’ coiffed politician/newscaster hair and Gucci loafers.
No, he didn’t go to some Ivy League snob factory and all he’s got to rely on are attitudecommon sense, and a love of actual Americans (especially our troops).
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guinea pig 6 months ago 
support kid rock, he seems to be one of the few celebrities that stand up for America

In Jungian terms, Lucifer is the "Prodigal Son".
Although this part of us can do very serious damage to others, it still must ultimately return home.
Once it returns, it will find it was always loved -- despite its destructive tantrums.
Along the way, the Prodigal Son has been hammered so heavily by "bad karma" that every single negative thing he has done to others has been paid back -- in his own experience.

Every single thing the negative does to others is fully and completely paid back.

Reincarnation is often required to "spread out the lessons" across multiple lifetimes -- until we are strong enough to meet the experiences we created without being further damaged by them.
Karma -- the universal law of cause and effect -- is the "rules" that the "parents" have placed upon the child -- which have made the child so angry.
This wounded, furious, lonely and tortured child says "F- you, Mommy and Daddy! You can't tell me what to do!"