Friday, September 22, 2017

A Truth Teller's Radio Show Listener Chimes In about the Transgender Issue

Stephanie Writes:

Hey, I've seen stuff you've posted at your Trump is Right site and I heard your discussion about the gender disorder issue on your first episode of Truth Teller's Radio. I agree with you about the two genders (I am not an expert in this), but I did see something about variable chromosome mixes or something (which made me slightly more open to debate on the topic).... regardless, it does look like a lot of what we see is a disorder brought about by psychological influences and chemical. When Bruce Jenner changed sex people pointed out that his thinking he was a woman  was a known side effect of drugs he used to take. With the recent admission (again) that chemicals do change animals bodily, such as frogs or fish, we have to look at the chemical aspect too on the mind.

It’s not a natural thing to have a large (or growing) section of the population thinking it should be the opposite gender. It doesn’t make any sense from an evolutionary point of view.

I do know there are behavioural studies in animals that show some homo tendencies within animal groups, so that is not surprising, but this is likely a Bi kinda behaviour from the animals where they are just looking for a good time and are not put off by gender issues. Thinking that they are opposite genders would be a different matter tho (and we don’t know what animals think –we can’t ask them - only observe them.)
I agree with you that the trans gender stuff is a disorder. The problem is everything ‘not normal’ is being celebrated on the left as merely different.  Some differences are disruptive to the ordinary functioning of society.

With mental aberrations, when making choices about who you are, I think that you can regret things (not necessarily because of society) but because you later had a change of mind.

This does not have to be trans gender. It can be due to relationships and what you should and should not have done, or how you might have behaved better etc. This regret, or even confusion about what the heck you were doing, can lead one to being depressed – due to the choices you made. I guess this is doubly true when it comes to sex changes etc.

And also, in one’s mind, you can easily think (for transgender) “why was I trapped in the wrong body” ... “I’m still not really what I want to be.” Etc trying to be something you are not biologically.... and so there’s this legacy you can’t escape, despite all the surgery or dressing up.

Society might not help much either, but from a functional point of view the sad fact is that transgender is an aberration that doesn’t fit into a normally operating reproductive male-female biological system imho. Generally males are attracted to the look of females and the other way around that encourages baby making. Stuff outside this will cause disruptions. This does not mean that we should oppress people who are ‘outside the normal’ but there needs to be a functional acceptance of the male-female partnership being central to reproduction.

Also, I am against the open pushing of a sexualised society on children. Kids might want to know where they came from – that requires a male and female – but I don’t think they should be exposed to anything until they are much older. They can have sex education but that is it. Otherwise the kids should be playing with toys and running around. It’s like religion. Don’t push it in people’s faces. We used to have standards when it came to this sort of thing. Adult TV started late at night for a reason. Young kids that are exposed to this stuff might think that such behaviour is acceptable to try on their friends at school ... Presently there is an increase in this sort of bad behaviour in schools as far as I am aware. Parents have lax standards, and so does society. And so we have a lot more delinquent behaviour. Ps. I am not a prude, but I can see how people are getting the wrong message from things they are exposed to.

So with the transgender and gay issues. I’m not against them, they should just keep it in the bedroom (or have it toned down)– like everyone else should – while accepting that a male-female relationship (celebrated in society) is necessary for producing babies.

I’m with you about the 41% suicide rate being explained by some/many factors outside of society. That’s a high number, and obviously there is a problem. This would exclude people from military service etc.

I’m a functionalist. If you are born with male or female anatomy, then they are there to serve a function. Likewise your brain should be largely supporting that function. From an evolutionary point of view, if it didn’t they’d be trouble. Brains that don’t serve that function do seem to be an aberration, and can be rightly described as a mental disorder, particularly with transgender. In nature there is bi-gay behaviour in animals, so we do see these kinds of aberrations, but they are not the rule and don’t disrupt the male-female reproductive system from functioning.

This is just my opinion. I’ve not done any real reading on this. It’s only what I think. I just don’t care who you are as long as you are not an asshole and don’t push things I don’t like in my face. I can let people go about their business so long as they are not burning down the town.