Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Trump Blasts Socialism in Venezuela for Causing ‘Devastation and Failure’ in UN Speech

President Donald Trump delivered his first speech to the United Nations today which, in true Trump fashion, turned out to be a historic event that delivered some hard truth’s to world leaders while the president laid out a firm “America First” agenda.
One of the most powerful, impactful portions of Trump’s speech today included his comments regarding the collapsing situation in Venezuela, where its citizens have been protesting the poor conditions and lack of basic necessities for months, as well as pointing out the root cause of this suffering. Trump mentioned the events occurring in Venezuela are “completely unacceptable” and that the United States is considering taking further actions as he states, “We cannot stand by and watch”.
The president clearly identifies the main cause of the problems in Venezuela as a pure form of socialism, followed by one of the president’s most powerful statements to date.
The problem in Venezuela is not that socialism has been poorly implemented, but that socialism has been faithfully implemented.(Applause) From the Soviet Union to Cuba to Venezuela, wherever true socialism or communism has been adopted, it has delivered anguish and devastation and failure.”
Those who preach the tenets of these discredited ideologies only contribute to the continued suffering of the people who live under these cruel systems. America stands with every person living under a brutal regime. Our respect for sovereignty is also a call for action. All people deserve a government that cares for their safety, their interests and their well-being, including their prosperity.”
Trump’s comments regarding socialism and its history of failing the citizens of any country where it’s instituted will likely be added to his long list of poignant and historic statements for a United States president. Memes featuring this phrase are already making their way across social media, and I suspect many more are on their way.
Advocates of socialism frequently tout a perceived sense of equality from this skewed political system, as on paper it at first sounds like a novel idea, but one only needs to judge the end results of socialism as observed in each and every country where it has been implemented. It’s easy to be seduced by false promises of equality and “free” institutions for an entire population, but in reality citizens under the yoke of socialism eventually all become equally poor, destitute and desperate as the government ultimately falls prey to corruption and mismanagement. However, politicians enjoy expanded powers over all basic necessities under socialism such as healthcare, education and food distribution, which means socialism is a very attractive system to the global elite.
Similar impactful statements made by Donald Trump supporting an America First agenda also include his “we will no longer surrender this country or its people to the false song of globalism” comments made in a speech during the election last year, delivering a vivid depiction of his profound doubt in a framework of global institutions that have dominated the globe for decades, have also been memorialized in memes.
View Trump’s historic comments on socialism and the suffering it has wrought in countries like Venezuela below:
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