Monday, September 25, 2017

Pittsburgh KNEELERS — But 1 Man Stands Up - NFL Used As Pawn In Globalist Plot - Bill Tobin's Daughter Calls Rush Limbaugh To Talk NFL Anthem Protests - Limbaugh Warns Sports Media People Who Support Actions Against The Flag: 'NO WAY Trump Loses This' - 'GENUINE SADNESS': Rush Limbaugh Didn't Watch 'Sunday Night Football' For First Time In 45 Years

Former Steelers Terry Bradshaw thinks the BLM motivated protests of the national anthem are fine but Trump’s use of First Amendment is outrageous. His former team refused to even take the field for the national anthem — except for one player, who was cheered.

Trump is Right, NFL Players Should Quit Kneeling - More Whites Than Blacks Are Shot by Police and Adjusting for Population is a Moot Point When Considering Crime Statistics Showing Black Crime and Violence is Astronomically Out of Proportion - Police Violence against Black Men Is Rare And the media narrative to the contrary is damaging - Steve Mnuchin: Trump sees anthem protests as disrespecting the military, veterans and fallen heroes: