Saturday, March 12, 2016

Rapper Mac Miller Needs to Wake up to the Reality of Divide and Conquer Race Baiting

The Nightly Show - Mac Miller Unloads on Donald Trump - "Rapper Mac Miller brings the hammer down on the racist political rhetoric of his nemesis Donald Trump."

Mac Miller Says Reverse Racism Isn't Real & Calls out White Fans Who Dont Help #BlackLivesMatter

Mac Miller is brainwashed and needs to wake to up to the reality of divide and conquer race baiting that is going on. Anybody can be racist and #AllLivesMatter.

Emergency: Race War to End America by debunkerbuster

Breaking: Anti-Trump Protest funded and directed by Hillary



This Is What MSM Is Hiding At Trump RalliesAs protesters and Trump supporters clash outside of the Trump rally in Cleveland, OH a couple who support Trump and a Black Lives Matter member attempt to blur the lines of race and view the world from each others perspectives to better understand where they are each coming from. The mainstream media refuses to cover these interactions, instead painting all Trump supporters as vicious racists and continuing their strategy of divide and conquer.

Some Donald Trump Endorsements

Black Trump Supporter Accosted by Black Lives Matter Protestors

Donald Trump Defeats Black Lives Matter in Cleveland, OH (Full Speech)

Blood Spilled At Violent Anti-Trump Rally

Frat-rapper-in-transition Mac Miller proves most anybody can make a pretty OK album

The Truth about Popular Music & The CIA's War on Conscious Music