Thursday, March 31, 2016

Wisconsin Becomes Ground Zero in Advanced Political / Media Warfare…

For decades as the UniParty ranks have swollen – and with them the advanced political machinations to retain power and keep control over the electorate….
Depending on the battle-space, national, regional or state voters have historically been viewed by those within the Machiavellian consort as sheeple masses, pawns to be shifted from here to there depending on need.   The professional political class and the professional corporate media class working hand-in-hand to further their own self-interested agenda.
wisconsin state mapHowever, with the advent of rapid, engaging and transportable communication their grip on information has diminished severely.  It is no longer necessary to take to the streets just to identify there are more of us than them.
Understandably, this is a source of much consternation – and as a direct consequence the owners of the social media communication platforms have been enlisted, many corrupted, to aid the modern usurp. 
Everyone would be wise to remember, from the perspective of those in power, information is used to manipulate behavior.  Polls are tools, we have continually warned of “agenda polls”, “push polls’ and polling done by Political Public Relations firms on behalf of the people who pay for them.
When you to accept that polls can also be tools for disinformation you can look beyond the top-line message and review the intent from the messenger.   Two recent polls from Wisconsin highlight the bizarre world of information contrast.
Take all of this poll data with a grain of salt.  Instead look at the visible activity you can rely upon. The crowds, or the raw data which has not reached a filter.
Last Night – Between 8 and 9 p.m., when Cruz answered questions from Anderson Cooper and GOP voters in Wisconsin, CNN averaged 2.78 million viewers, 853,000 of whom were in the demo. Between 9 and 10 p.m., when it was Trump’s turn, CNN averaged 4.04 million viewers, with 1.33 million in the demo.

That’s 45.32% more people who tuned in to watch Donald Trump than watched Ted Cruz on the same show.

Kasich was on last, between 10 and 11 p.m. During that hour, CNN averaged 2.97 million viewers, with 999,000 in the demo.
CNN’s closest competitor during the evening, Fox News, also saw a boost when Trump appeared on Sean Hannity’s 10 p.m. show. Hannity’s program with Trump averaged 466,000 in the demo, almost half as many as watched Kasich on CNN. (link)
In Poland, during the solidarity movement, it was widely communicated:

We took to the streets and looked around; it was then that we noticed we are more.

It was then when we noticed there are more of us than those who oppose us.  It was then when our psychology changed.

From that movement forward, we began to win….

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The Takeaway?….


You’ve probably seen this version:

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But have you ever seen this version ?

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Wisconsin Becomes Ground Zero in Advanced Political / Media Warfare…

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