Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Video shows Brower County Elections officials bagging votes at Florida voting center. Gateway Pundit owner and publisher Jim Hoft joins Alex Jones to expose voter Fraud.

MUST-SEE VIDEO: Broward County Elections Officials Block View as Ballots are Bundled and Bagged in Davie, Florida Voting Center

ANOTHER SHOCKING VIDEO FROM BROWARD COUNTY… A concerned citizen filmed Broward County Elections officials bundling and bagging votes at a Davie, Florida voting center.



PROVISIONAL BALLOT BOXES DISCOVERED INSIDE AVIS RENTAL CAR AT FT. LAUDERDALE AIRPORT – REPORT Bomb threat announced shortly after officials were informed of box:


The Legacy Media Refuses to Admit to the Obvious Election Fraud In Broward County:


The Democrat's Magic Midterm Ballots - Florida Fraud Pushes Midterms Into Madness:


Election Fraud Expert: Brenda Snipes Allowed Illegal Aliens and Felons to Vote; Illegally Destroyed Ballots - Lawyers for Gillum, Nelson Fight to Include Non-U.S. Citizens’ Votes in Florida:


National Election Do-Over? Possible Meddling Nationwide? - Voter Fraud In Maricopa County AZ-Sinema vs McSally - Project Veritas Finds Voter Fraud In Georgia / Democrats Are Great Cheaters: