Wednesday, August 15, 2018

The Left's Mission is to Brutally Enforce Their Radical Ideology - Student Advocates Banning Hurtful Speech, Gets Schooled - Heather Mac Donald: How Much More Delusional Can University Students Get? - Senate Democrats Draft Bill To Censor The Internet

"I don't think people understand how dangerous these radical leftists are. People still think this is a joke. They've heard on TV or from their liberal friends about how liberals are all about compassion and helping people. These are violent, aggressive thugs… They believe in one thing and one thing only: the brutal use of state power to enforce their ideological goals." —Dan Bongino

Kg King

Dan, I like ya brother but Democrats Are the Left. The so called Alt-Left is protected by them and sponsored through them. Your buddies may not be throwing the bike locks but they are not standing up to stop it either... And they could. ✌😎👍

Debunker Buster
The whole of the demonrat party is very far left from where there were not even that long ago. Any classical liberals in the party have decided to #WalkAway, whatever is left is the problem, Dan, all of them. Some are surely ignorant of what is going on or deluded, but circumstances are far too serious for those excuses to matter. The left must be defeated, permanently, or we are going to lose our country. I truly mean this, no hyperbole at all. The Libertarian party should become the new alternative to Republicans.

And Gary Johnson was NOT a real Libertarian, but WAS an unadulterated idiot.

William Nelson
I know how dangerous they are. I went to school when it was real School where I learned about Hitler and Stalin
[leftists]. This is the beginning of tyranny here and we Have the right thru the 2a to protect our selves against this.

Comments by Debunker Buster are from yours truly...

Borpheous Maximus
Marxist students parroting what they've been taught by their Marxist professors. Marxism is the cancer that's eating our civilization.

brian woodward
Pinker is wrong about only scholars should talk at universities since we are finding out that too many professors push Marxism.

Milo didn't out the trans student. They were already out. He mocked them for presenting like a man in a dress using the law to get into the women's locker room.

@2:12 Pinker says, "I think it is unwise idiotic ... to invite Milo ... because he's not a scholar." Okay, I'm down with that Dr. Pinker, provided we go over to the "Studies" departments and start cleaning those places out as well because 90% of those professors are not scholars either and should be removed. When a feminist professor films herself and her friends watching Sex and the City and then writes about the 'autoethnographic experience' of watching the film of them watching Sex and the City and then gets it published as 'scholarly research' in some half-assed 'peer-reviewed journal' she's clearly not doing scholarly work. The scholarship in all those departments is atrocious and we all know it and the damage they are inflicting on naieve kids with their Marxist indoctrination bullshit is unforgivable.

Thomas Smith
Don't invite Milo but a feminist sociologist steeped in nothing but opinion and little scientific basiscan bash white men continually on campuses as tenured professors? I call a double standard on your "standard of acedemia" sir! What have we learned from the left but if given an inch they will scream until they get the whole mile and then some. Anarchy has no end but the institution of control, many of those controls based on the free and unfettered exchange of ideas, even if those ideas are offensive. I find the left's histerical wailing offensive, where are my rights to oppose this as "unprotected speech"?

Victor Felipe
"Milo should not be invited because he is not a scholar" that comes from the guy that say kids should not learn proper grammar and uses fake statistics to say "right-wing" are the primary terrorist in society.

Alex Brown
Charlottesville, you mean Antifa right? The only ones i can remember talking about inciting violence is antifa, so yeah i think they should be rounded up and arrested, why hold them above the standards the left is so hell-bent on imposing on everyone else.

Debunker Buster
The sequel was the same as story too. ANTIFA Were The True Threat at Unite The Right 2 in DC & Charlottesville - Tucker: Why Is the Media Covering Up Far Left Extremist Violence?:

Isn't amazing how leftists can bring up Charlottesville, practically the only example of, but not only, right-wing violence during Trump's election campaign and Presidency, but ignore the hundreds of peaceful Conservative events that have been blocked, cancelled and closed down violently by Antifa and leftists? This is to not even mention the international and relentless government, education, media and arts smear campaign of Trump for the last three years. Exactly how mentally challenged does a leftist have to be to imagine that they have the moral high ground?

Debunker Buster
Well you see, as a leftist informed me in other wordage, there are peer-reviewed studies by Marxist academics, refereed by Marxist academics, which inform you that you are living in a bizarro world where right wingers are the main purveyors of violence.
Tell Me Again about How Right Wingers Are More Violent Than Leftists:
Who Ya Gonna Believe, Me Or Your Lying Eyes?

Okaro X
What nonsense. There was no terrorism in Charlottesville. Terrorism is always planned. There was no reason to think the man chased by armed antifa thugs planned to run to the crowd.

Debunker Buster
Indeed. Conservatives really need to take an objective look at what happened there and stop kowtowing to the liberal narrative. Did Charlottesville Driver Panic?: Making a Murderer Charlottesville: Debunking the Myth of Heather Heyer - Heather Heyer Died of Massive Heart Attack - Graphic content - Heather Heyer was not hit by car:

4:40 - If we allow police officers to unrightfully murder blacks men??? This is the problem with PROGRESSIVES. They state things as factual that are not true. This does not mean police officers are not killing innocent people. But to state that they are use of excessive violence against blacks is greater than other people is simply not true. Nor is it a material source of homicide in the black community. Black on black crime is the VAST MAJORITY of homicides. Most police murders of blacks are justified. It’s a fact. This crap has got to stop. And you will notice this douche bag says nothing about Antifa...

Debunker Buster
Trump is Right, NFL Players Should Quit Kneeling - More Whites Than Blacks Are Shot by Police and Adjusting for Population is a Moot Point When Considering Crime Statistics Showing Black Crime and Violence is Astronomically Out of Proportion - Police Violence against Black Men Is Rare And the media narrative to the contrary is damaging - Steve Mnuchin: Trump sees anthem protests as disrespecting the military, veterans and fallen heroes:

Don Jet
LMAO ! They put Howard Dean, a far left radical lib, on stage to answer questions about free speech ? What a JOKE ! And the so-called college students can barely put together a coherent sentence, most likely due to texting all day long and over using emojis. Leftist losers who scream at the sky, believe fake news, and think offensive speech is the same as a physical assault.

Debunker Buster
Howard Dean is as disingenuous as the liberal media. Trump was OBVIOUSLY joking when he talked about police officers roughing up violent killer gang members. I remember the clip clearly. He emphasized the extremely heinous crimes of MS-13 and then made a joke about how police shouldn't be so nice to them when putting them into the car by doing things like making sure they didn't bump their head when getting in. The media do this all the time, making Trump sound ominous by omitting context and failing to show the video they are writing (lying) about. Another example is the Trump hates babies incident. Very fake news, get a clue, liberal schrews and leftist tools!

Tommy Dee
And to think these are the same guys that want to keep Net Neutrality. This should tell you everything about what those regulations were.


Don't Despair, Get Physically Active and Defend the First Amendment, They Can't Censor Us in the Real World!:

The Prevalence of Marxism in Academia:

Self-Identifying Marxist Professors Outnumber Conservatives as College Professors:

EDUCATION; The Mainstreaming of Marxism in U.S. Colleges:

Welcome to Professor Watchlist, a project of Turning Point USA and Turning Point News. The mission of Professor Watchlist is to expose and document college professors who discriminate against conservative students and advance leftist propaganda in the classroom...

The Left's Mission is to Brutally Enforce Their Radical Ideology - Student Advocates Banning Hurtful Speech, Gets Schooled - Heather Mac Donald: How Much More Delusional Can University Students Get? - Senate Democrats Draft Bill To Censor The Internet