Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Donald Trump a Racist?

Debunking All Major Claims of Trump Being a Racist (Styx)

There are a number of good anecdotes in the comments section at You Tube showing Trump treating people of colour he runs into, on a personal level, like human beings.

Revealed: Donald Trump's Former Black Girlfriend, Roger Stone Tells All

Whaaaat! Did you know that the big ole racist Trump, dated a sista?


The incidents brought up during election: the Mexican wall (was about jobs/drug crime), the Muslim ban (was a reaction to a report that said there was no vetting of people coming from war zones in the ME), the racial profiling when it came to apartments in the 70s-80s (was a widespread practice in high crime inner city areas?), and the refusal to immediately disavow an ex-KKK leader (probably because he was wrongly thinking the interview question was some kind of set up - he called the guy a racist in 2000, and Pat Buchanan whom he labelled a Nazi, when he refused to join the 'Reform Party') ... these incidents were all skewed by the media. 

This doesn't mean that DJT is not without problems, but understand the context, and recognize the media has been lying its pants off (like with Syrian chemical weapons, Russian aggression etc. which has facilitated the deaths of tens of thousands of people).

And we KNOW the media colluded with the HRC campaign against Trump because we have a list of network people dining with their directors thanks to wikileaks. If they lie about war they'll have no problem lying about DJT.

Jesse Jackson Praised Trump in 1999 for LIFETIME of helping African American Community

They say Trumps racist. I laugh because Trump has married two immigrants, dated a black woman. Has Jewish grand children. Employed thousands of black, Asian and hispanics. If he's racist, then I'm a unicorn

Another Celebrity Is Singing Donald Trump’s Praises 

“Donald Trump is a friend of mine, and he works very hard,” Diddy said during an interview with The Washington Post Friday. 

Hispanic Woman Supports Donald Trump, "Trump simply not a racist" #LatinosForTrump

Trump - Empowerment economics 2000 - Donald Trump reaches out to minority leaders on methods to create investment opportunities in low-income areas while lowering the risk of investment in order to broaden financial base of those neighborhoods. 12:35

Yes I am black. Yes I am a woman. Two categories the media is hell bent on declaring Trump has no support from. Well, I'm here today to let them know they're wrong. I am 100% for TRUMP!!!
I'm an immigrant, woman and Hispanic and I WILL vote for Donald Trump. I've been insulted for sharing my opinion on FB, I had people call me racist for going to the Tucson rally, and I've lost a few so call friends in the process. That will not change my resolution! Growing up all I wanted was to be an American because you could be whoever you wanted to be as long as you worked hard. People fought for this country until their last breath. This country represented justice for the entire world. That has slowly vanished. This summer I will obtain my citizenship after 5 years of waiting LEGALLY and patiently. My first act as an American will be to vote for Trump. I encourage those that, like me, always dreamed of becoming an American and fighting for the American dream, to open their eyes and realize: Trump. Is. Not. Racist. He like many of us, is simply tired of this country disappearing in the hands of those that don't understand the value and pride in being an American!

Trump, the "racist" that fought an elitist community for the inclusion of black and Jewish members.
If that's what racism is then bring it on. We need more of it.

In July 2015, author Ronald Kessler was interviewed by Newsmax about the business practices of GOP presidential frontrunner Donald Trump in regards to…

Ben Carson Endorses Donald Trump

Charles Evers, the 93-year-old brother of slain civil rights icon Medgar Evers endorses Trump.

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This was when Trump was a very young man who had only recently taken control of his dad's company. So, I really think, IF it occurred (not proven), that it had more to do with his father (who was named in the suit) than him and was more about making money than race. People argue that Trump fighting to let blacks into the golf club in the 90s was about money, so by that measure him not letting blacks into housing in the 70s, again IF it occurred and IF it occurred because of him, was a financially motivated decision as well. He certainly isn't running for president for the money. Crime statistics and race are a real thing and tell a real story as upsetting as it may be.

1/24/2016 7:31 AM EST

So, that was 1972---about the same time WaPo was making a name for itself with its brilliant Watergate investigation.

Since then, Trump has cleaned up his act and often proved to be a magnanimous contributor to the lives of minorities whilst creating an admirable real estate empire.

Meanwhile, WaPo has descended to garbage hits such as this.  
Blacks for Donald Trump:
On another note, I also think it is intellectually dishonest to believe that Trump is racist (In the contemporary term. Classically, institutions are racist and people are prejudice. But that is off topic.) Trump is a business man, and I believe it is entirely possible that in the past he "sent the black workers to the back of the casino," "didn't rent to low income minorities," and "his father used the N-word at the dinner table (I made that up.)" But to insist that DJT is going to use executive actions in order to facilitate institutions which will, intentionally and disproportionately, affect blacks best...disingenuous.