Thursday, August 3, 2017

Seth Rich Murder Was Ordered by CIA Chief Brennan? - Rod Wheeler Files Lawsuit over Seth Rich Story - Seth Rich Shenanigans: the Rod Wheeler/Ed Butowsky Lawsuit is a Ruse?

Investigative journalist Seymour Hersh reveals that he saw the FBI report confirming that DNC staffer Seth Rich (Not Russia) gave the leaked emails to Julian Assange and Wikileaks. Hersh also argues that the entire Russian-Trump collusion story is a Deep State psy op.

On May 16, the Fox News Channel broke what it called a "bombshell" story about an unsolved homicide: the July 2016 shooting of 27-year-old Democratic Party staffer Seth Rich.
Unfounded conspiracy theories involving Rich abounded in the months after his death, in part because WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange cryptically suggested that Rich's death may have been related to the leaks of tens of thousands of emails from Democratic Party officials and their allies at the peak of the presidential campaign.
Fox News' story, which took flight online and ran in segments across major shows, breathed fresh life into the rumors. Fox reported that the leaks came from inside the party and not from hackers linked to Russia — despite the conclusions of the nation's most senior intelligence officials. The network suggested that Democrats might have been connected to Rich's death and that a cover-up had thwarted the official investigation.

A recent lawsuit filed by Rod Wheeler, the PI investigating the Seth Rich case, against Ed Butowsky, the RNC surrogate who was paying Wheeler, has re-ignited mainstream media coverage of Seth Rich's murder. This even after CNN and WaPo slammed such coverage two months ago as "fake news" and "conspiracy theories" and "against the wishes of the Rich family".

As I explain in this video, the lawsuit is complete nonsense -- Rod Wheeler has no case against Butowsky or against Fox. It is only in the news because the complaint presents some red meat about President Trump, claiming that he knew about the Fox News story before it was published. These facts are legally irrelevant and will not help Wjheeler's case. In all likelihood, the lawsuit is just a ruse, a scheme concocted by Butowsky and Wheeler to get the Seth Rich case back in the news.

This illustrates the point I made in my July 31 video: if you're ignorant about something but you arrogantly presume otherwise, you can easily be manipulated by someone smarter and/or more knowledgeable than you. All they have to do to is tell you what you want to hear.

Here, Wheeler and Butowski have pulled a fast one on the mainstream media by presenting them with a fake lawsuit that seems like it might damage President Trump. In the end, however, this lawsuit will not hut Trump, but it will keep the Seth Rich case in the news.

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