Thursday, October 12, 2017

Dear Eminem, F**k Your Fake Resistance, This is the Soundtrack of Revolution!

By JM Talboo

This is the soundtrack of revolution.
Don't get it confused with that damn noise pollution.
We take dope tracks and add a little truth in.
Takin' rap back to its damn roots then.

Takin' rap back to its damn roots.
And I never spray what I say 'cas it pays or its cute.
I don't play rap games, I ain't out for the loot.
When liberty's called tyranny welcome face to the boot.
And I never spit half truths when I'm up in the booth.
I might as well tell whole lies if I did that to you.
I did this for you, so I would never do that.
Man I swear we gotta take this damn industry back.
It was stolen, so we don't get riled up.
That's why MCs like me don't make the bucks unless we switch the style up.
You don't believe me, just ask Immortal Technique.
He had a major label deal sittin' right at his feet.
But the plan was the man couldn't touch a dime, unless he left the politics behind.

They got pissed when Jadakiss said Bush knocked down the towers.
Then blanked out the shit and played his hit hour after hour.
It's up to us to take back the power, devour the soundtrack of revolution cowards.

This is the revolution with no purple haze, or mohawks and chains, we don't need those things.
You can have 'em, but it's not necessary.
When they can't outcast us, we're much more scary.
They get weary of infiltration, destroy, rebuild, and bring real inspiration.
False hope in the US nation.
When Obama dropped bombs, tell me why was it OK then?
It's all the same man.
The only difference is whether the puppet's been ass raped by the left or the right hand.
A fixed fight and, Coke and Pepsi would be proud of our plight.
Cas' whether we pick left or right, it's still cola at the end of the night.
But I've got the solution, and it's called the soundtrack of revolution.


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