Monday, June 12, 2017

Trump Lookalike Replaces Julius Caesar in Violent Play; Kids Get Trump Logos Censored in Yearbook - Insider: The Republic Is Being Prepared For Trump Assassination

An actor portraying Julius Caesar in a New York Public Theater production was obviously dressed as Donald Trump during a scene of the play entitled “Caesar” that depicted the violent final moments of Caesar’s life. Caesar’s wife was also on-stage and the actress portraying her was clearly meant to resemble the real-life version of Melania Trump. The ending of the scene left the Trump lookalike on the floor of the stage with his white dress shirt soaked in red. The same color of Trump’s trademark long red tie that the actor also donned during the production. Oskar Eustis, the artistic director of The Public Theater, says that the play did not intend to threaten Trump in any way. He went on to say that the warning of “Caesar” is about the historical figure himself trying to achieve democracy through non-democratic means. 

This comes on the heels of the Kathy Griffin / Donald Trump controversy where she held up the bloody effigy in a bizarre photoshoot for the world to see. You also have the NSA leaker who has been arrested by the FBI, Reality Leigh Winner, saying that she wants to blow up the White House. Which is the same thing that Madonna said a few months ago. There seems to be a never-ending stream of anti-Trump rhetoric coming from the Hollywood left, especially from late night talk show hosts like Stephen Colbert who basically has his entire show dedicated to Trump hate. All of this very public and mainstream level hate towards the President is something that Obama did not face even if he did face a lot of backlash from the general public.

Uncharted territory is where all of this mainstream level of hate towards public figures has many regular joes out in the general public. Some have labelled the resulting confusion among people as “Trump derangement” which is said in a halfway joking way but could be 100% serious. A clear cut case can be seen in a high school yearbook where pictures of students wearing Trump logos on their clothing. The aforementioned logos were removed by photoshop in the printed yearbook that students received. One young lady had an inspirational and non-controversial quote attributed to Trump and it was removed as well. Those tactics are very Stalin-like and start to bring up feelings of the old Soviet Union and also the Nazi Party, both of whom were far-left groups that inevitably collapsed.